How Dr. Mark Holterman Has Shaped Various Aspects in Health Care

The contribution of Dr. Mark Holterman in the medical sector has been phenomenal. Improving healthcare systems across the world has been his main preoccupation. For the last five years, he has been serving in different capacities. For instance, he has been acting as the professor of surgery at the University of Illinois. At the same time, he is also the CEO of Mariam Global health. For quite some time, he has been helping IPSAC-VN to reach its goal. The organization aims at enhancing pediatric medicine in Vietnam.


The organization has been playing various roles recently. For instance, it has been tasked with providing medical personnel in Vietnam. The organization has also been tasked with providing medical supplies to various hospitals in Vietnam. Dr. Mark Holterman has also helped in the establishment of an international scholar program. The program is mainly constituted of medical professionals. The main aim of the program is to provide more opportunities for such professionals. For quite some time, the program has been offering scholarships to various people to further their education in the United States. However, to be offered a scholarship at the organization, a person has to demonstrate that he is committed to the development of health care.


To enhance his knowledge in the medical sector, he has joined various professional organizations. For instance, he is a member of Academy of Pediatrics. He is also a member of the college of surgeons. His main focus has been in pediatric surgery. However, he has also participated in researching various issues. For instance, he has made some major contribution in the field of regenerative medicine. It is also important to note that he has been committed to the development of stem cell therapies. Such therapies have been shown to have a huge potential in the treatment of some major conditions in children. His work has also helped in the development of various cancer treatments.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s education background has gone a long way in influencing his current career path (WeeklyOpinion). In this regard, he attended the University of Virginia where he attained a degree in medicine and immunology. It is also important to note that he attended Yale University, where he pursued Bachelor of Arts.

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Stream Energy – Money Saving Energy Provider

Throughout the day, most people have at least many devices in their homes or apartments plugged in and don’t even realize the electricity being used.


They leave for work during the day not even aware of these devices and the power they are draining behind the scene. When the electric bill arrives each month, sometimes the cost of it completely throws the owner into a state of shock.


These devices are using power even though they are turned off. This is called phantom drain and it applies to many, not all, electronic devices and electrical appliances that can be in standby mode but still using power throughout the day.


Usually, these devices are separately plugged into outlets throughout the home. After a period of time, this phantom drain can add up and increase your electric bill by an alarming amount. A simple solution is to group the devices to power strips that can be shut down when not in use.


Stream Energy provides two weekly monitoring tools “Your Weekly Energy Report” via email and for Texas residents “Smart Meter Texas”. Using these tools and reviewing the information they provide can help keep energy bills at a reasonable amount.


Stream Energy, founded in 2004 in Dallas, Texas, is a leader in the energy industry operating in Texas, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Illinois. In addition to the Energy division, Stream also has evolved and offers connected services nationwide. These include wireless, home, and protective services.

The energy service division provides a variety of options for electricity, gas and other tools for its customers based on their lifestyles, budget, and needs.


Customers can have nationwide coverage with their wireless services provided by Stream Wireless. Various plans and prices with 4G LTE network are available.


Peace of mind with Stream Protective Services is now offered. Choices include Identity Theft Protection, Roadside Service, Credit Monitoring, and Tech Support (LinkedIn). Each of these has plans suitable for the customer’s budgets and needs.


Stream Home services offer Digital Voice and Smart 30 Thermostat Plan. Both of these provide tools that can help homeowners stay electronically connected to their homes.

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The Unending Impact of Louis Chenevert in the Tech Business

Chenevert is celebrated as a successful businessman in Canada. Officially, he was not only a chairperson of UTC (United Technologies Corporation), but also the C.E.O. He lives in Hartford where he has a wife by the name Debra. In Quebec, where he was raised, he attained his higher learning and later on graduated. Apart from UTC, Louis associated himself with Pratt & Whitney Organization where he was the president. Louis resigned from UTC, but the man who followed maintained his perspective. Chenevert after that served in many other business ventures as a leader. He served as an advisor in a banking institution where he led in many much successful operations in favor of the bank.

His reason for accepting the honored position at UTC was to bring significant changes in the organization and enhance endless success. This was achieved, and till today, the changes he brought about to the company are notable. Today, UTC is a high performing company all because of the enormous impact of Louis Chenevert. Adjustments are easily noted from taxation rates, earnings of the Corporation to the general performance of UTC. The corporation develops and manufactures products of high technology after researching for a specified period. Aircraft engines, escalators, elevators and planetary systems are one of the critical things they come up with. The reason behind UTC’s and Pratt’s success so far was Chenevert, who taught all the personnel he worked with that when a company invests in modern and productive technology, its chances of productivity and success are so much high.

The first thing he did whenever he indulged himself in any business venture was winning the highest market share among all of his competitors. He always led in boosting achievements of the manufacturing companies even when the economy of America deteriorated. With his creative and unique inventions in the United Technologies Corporation, he made it and inspired many with his skills. With all these, Louis has remained to be a very influential businessman in the technological field.

The Achievements of Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is a name that is known by every serious businessman across the entire globe. He commands a huge influence and has dedicated his time and resources towards ensuring that he becomes the leading businessman across the entire globe. Majority of his influence is in the cryptocurrency fields wherein no doubts happens to be among the most famous entrepreneurs around. He has achieved tremendous strides in the field of digital currencies and financial investments. He is also a known jack-of-all-trades who have worked tirelessly in different sectors just to satisfy their desires. He is a man driven by passion and desire to move on. He is an author, an entrepreneur, journalist and a block chain evangelist.

He also happens to be a blockchain enthusiast, author, journalist, and a great innovator. He is a descendant of the famous house of Harrison whereby they used to have a money printing company that had been established in the year 1997. The company was called Harrison & Sons and had a great business influence across the entire America and other parts of the globe.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also a great academic giant or rather an influential scholar who has done everything possible to ensure that he has acquired necessary skills that are adequate to make him fit in his career. He went to study bachelors of Arts in Theology from the University of Oxford between years 1998 and 1999. He also possesses masters in Business Administration from the Norwegian Business Schools which he acquired with only one year instead of the required two. He also pursued a masters in journalism from New York University between years 2007 and 2008. He has since then applied the skills he learned to establish a very successful family business called Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO).

The organization was founded in the year 2015 and has since then grown very fast and have acquired a lot of assets in the past few years. The company is a family owned office and currently have been able to open branches in Singapore, Hong Kong and also Beijing. It has a very high potential.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters

The day when sleep apnea is cured through dentistry, is the day we must rejoice! Dr. Weisfogel, an innovative and determined dentist, is the founder of a very successful medical program called, Dental Sleep Masters. Through this program, patients are provided various options of sleep apnea applications – from oral therapy to sleep wear – in order to specifically and effectively cure their unique cause of sleep apnea. Although it took Dr. Weisfogel some tough time to get the program going, it has been a sheer reward for the Dr. and patients are completely satisfied with the results provided.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is a form of troubled sleeping. While sleeping, your fluent flow of breathing is paused throughout, maybe for 2 seconds or even as extreme as 1-minute. Many, when catching their breath again, choke extensively, causing them to awake. This form of troubled sleeping is very common amongst those who are over weight due to excessive fat impeding their airways.

Who is Dr. Weisfogel?

Besides being known for providing the most effective sleep apnea treatments through dentistry, Weisfogel graduated from the University of Rutger, where he would earn his bachelor’s in Biology and Psychology. Later, he would then head to New York University, where he would then earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery credential.

​From that point onward, Dr. Weisfogel would pursue his own dental practice called Old Bridge Dental Care. He would win the best dentist award two years in a row! Working in the field of medicine for over 20 years now, his passion for assisting those with sleeping disorders has helped carry him to this point in his career and is the foundation on which Dental Sleep Master’s was built.

About Dental Sleep Masters

Dr. Weisfogel experienced many challenges throughout the duration of making Dental Sleep Masters a success. In the beginning, dentists were skeptical on trying his sleep apnea methods on patients and for 10 years he was left striving for business referrals, but through trials and tribulations, he finally broke the plane and his methods were happily considered and applied.

In this program, he would develop various specific sleep apnea applications for the many causes of the disorder. Whether caused by tongue flapping or swollen tonsils, Dental Sleep Masters has a viable plan. Whether through oral applications for jaw positioning or sleep wear for specific breathing obstruction prevention, methods were tailored accordingly to patient’s preferences and requirements.

Thanks to Dr. Weisfogel, Dental Sleep Masters is a thing. With his perseverance through difficult instances, brought about a highly adaptable and effective cure, through dentistry, for the very scary disorder, sleep apnea. He is a pioneer, an influence and medical genius. He is not only noted for his dentistry heroics, but for his willingness to donate to various charities as well! What is next for Dr. Weisfogel?

Waiakea Water: The Most Sustainable Water Company in Existence

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is looking to start using fully degradable bottling for their water this next year. With its new TimePlast plastic, it only takes 15 years for their bottles to degrade versus the normal 1500 years for most other plastic water bottles. The company believes that their focus on making a degradable bottle rather than a compostable bottle was the key to their success. While it took the company five years to perfect the design of the plastic they now use, it has paid off, because the cost of making the bottles is no more than the cost of making regular non-degradable bottles.

Waiakea Water company was founded by Ryan Emmons in 2012 after he reflected upon the quality of the water he had been drinking when he visited Hawaii with his family. The pure, volcanic water that Waiakea uses comes from a natural source that exists on the island of Hawaii, and Emmons believes it is some of the healthiest and cleanest waters on the face of our planet. Part of what makes it so special is the fact that it is filtered through a large part of the Mauna Loa volcano, which fills it with minerals and other nutrients along the way.

Since the water is retrieved from an aquifer that recharges at a rate of 1.4 billion gallons and is bottled at a factory that is fueled by 33 percent renewable energy, this makes it completely sustainable. On top of this, the bottles that the water is contained in are 100 percent recyclable making Waiakea the first premium bottled water company to use this kind of packaging. To boot, the process to make the bottles is 90 percent more efficient at reducing carbon emissions.

Waiakea Water gives back to the world through its Pump Aid program, which is a charity endeavor where the company helps to provide clean water to disadvantaged communities in the rural parts of Africa. To this day, well over 1 million people have safe, sanitary, and drinkable water, and they have helped to build over 3,200 Elephant Pumps, which pump water to locals. Overall, 500 million liters of water have been donated through their program.

Treat Your Friends to A Memorable Evening with a Wine Guide from The Traveling Vineyard

Private in home wine tastings are one of the latest crazes in home entertaining. They provide the ideal setting for friends to gather, relax and leave with a little more culture and knowledge than guests had when they stepped through their host’s doors. In this way hosts delight their guests with knowledge and the memory of a truly unique evening.

Working with a professional Wine Guide from The Traveling Vineyard is an excellent way to ensure your wine tasting is a successful and memorable event for your guests. Your Wine Guide will guide the entire tasting process from start to finish. They will provide not only the wines but the tasting glasses and the inside knowledge of each wine your guests will sip and savor. They will also provide pairing recommendations and discuss points of interest like type of grapes and the varying flavor profiles of each bottle of wine.

At the end of the evening, guests can order the wines they enjoyed and will be able to get the elite prices that Traveling Vineyard is able to offer its Wine Guides. There is never a pressure to buy, Traveling Vineyard’s main goal is to share its love of wine with other wine enthusiasts.

Wine Guides are their own bosses and they set their own schedule and hours. They are able to be financially independent and decide exactly how many parties they want to host. New hosts are welcomed to Traveling Vineyards with everything they need to be successful and no overhead cost. They are welcomes with wine tasting kids that are complete with a gorgeous case to hold wine, tasting glasses and even enough wine to host their first two events. Traveling Vineyards even provides a full Sommelier Kit that teaches you everything you need to know about wines, pairing and the complex flavor portfolios. This means that you don’t need to be a wine expert to begin working as a Wine Guide, all the resources you need are provided for you to be a success.

Being a Wine Guide is a wonderful opportunity to become your own boss and to literally have a successful career that revolves around fine wine. As a Wine Guide, you not only become a part of a home based business, but you join a network of incredible people and an even larger network of

Securus Technologies Paves the Way for Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is a communications company that provides a connection between inmates in over 3.400 correctional institutions in 48 states of North America. Over 1.2 million inmates are served where they and their families can be linked together. It means a great deal to families and their loved ones who are incarcerated.


Rather than be isolated completely from any outside communications, inmates are able to stay in touch with home so that they realize that there is hope for the future.


There are several ways inmates can speak to their families on the phone including advance payment by a third party, usually the family, direct bill, again usually to the family, traditional collect, where the called party has to accept an inmate debit, where the bill is paid by the inmate.


On the other hand, such free and open access by inmates presents the opportunity to get involved with criminal activities, so safeguards have been put in place to monitor all calls. There is voice-tracking software that can identify individuals and their conversations at all times.


This helps to prevent the incoming problems of drugs, alcohol, illicit items, and communications pertaining to other criminal activities and threats. This protects inmates themselves, prison personnel, family members and other outside individuals.


One would believe that if a person were to be sentenced to time in prison there would be no opportunity for nefarious activities, but given the opportunity, many will give in and attempt a quick caper with someone on the outside. This is why monitoring is necessary to be able to track conversations that may not be on the up-and-up.


There are many cases of potential crime that have been broken up before anything serious happened. Once conversations between individuals can be verified as to who is involved and plans are overheard and recorded, action can be taken to thwart the crime.


Doe Deere – article recap

A lot may come with loving and being devoted to your favorite makeup brand.

What are their ingredients? Are the products cruelty free? What does the company stand for?

While it may be fairly easy to keep up with makeup brands and the newest products with a quick Google search – keeping up with the innovator’s behind the brands is just as important, if not, just as inspiring as the products themselves. Learn more:

Many are familiar with the digital trailblazer, Lime Crime. Their mission, as stated on their website, is to, not only evolve makeup and the way you feel wearing it, but to transform the way you shop for it, helping revolutionize our digital economy.

While many know the name of famed Lime Crime, few are thoroughly informed of the 36 year old, founder and CEO of the company, Doe Deere.

Young, beautiful, and brightly colored, Doe Deere, also known as, Queen of Unicorns, immigrated from Russia to the United States, when she was 17. Doe’s ultimate dream was to be a musician, and she spent her next years developing in mind and style, attributing her music career as being a defining stepping stone in the development in her makeup career. She applied her passion for colors and fashion via her career in music, in New York City.

Doe Deere then met her husband through the band, and the two capitalized their joint knowledge of each other, as well as their marketing tactics, to later become business partners with the brand. Along with being a musician, Deere also attended FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York but now resides in Los Angeles.

The CEO attributes the birth of Lime Crime, to not being able to thoroughly express herself in the previous shades and products popularly available in the makeup industry. At the time, the industry concretely supported natural looks, favoring and producing nude tones over all. Learn more:

She combines her passions for bright colors, self expression, fashion, necessity and digital economy with Lime Crime. Launched in 2008, Doe was faced with selling online in a time when the world didn’t seem ready for the digital age, often faced with doubt when she approached the idea of selling makeup online.


When asked what excites her about the future, Doe notes that younger generations, who grew up knowing digital worlds as the norm, being a source of her inspiration. Lime Crime’s goal is to aid in revolutionizing the way people shop, feel, and express themselves.


Larking and Lacey Support Groups that Fight for Civil, Human and Migrants Rights

Larking and Lacey

Larkin and Michael Lacey are journalists, who are dedicated to funding groups that advocate for equality. Their media careers are successful, having founded Village Voice Media. Lacey and Larking also co-founded Phoenix New Times.

The two pledged their compensation settlement of $3.75 million, resulting from an arrest by Sherriff Joe. They believed groups that champion for immigrants, civil and human rights in Arizona required help.

Michael Lacey and Larkin were arrested after the Sherriff`s Revelation in a grand jury. The reporters had dedicated their time and money to understand and advocate for the First Amendment rights.

Their advocacy efforts sort to create normalcy in the community, by helping victims of discrimination. Jim Larking and Lacey sued the county for the arrest. The county compensated the reporters, after they won the case.

There are many groups and agencies, that advocate for civil, migrant and human rights, that Lacey and Jim larking could help. These organizations seek to bring sanity to the society. Acts of discrimination often define most communities in the world. The advocacy groups create a better chance for all individuals, by reducing people`s vulnerability to discrimination.

Amnesty International

Founded in 1961, Amnesty International conducts extensive research and generates solutions to prevent the abuse of human rights. Famously known as Amnesty or AI, the group has over 7 million supporters and members around the world. The organization leads campaigns to enable nations to comply with international laws. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Amnesty works by mobilizing the public, to pressure governments that neglect human rights. AI seeks to liberate prisoners of conscience, people who express their emotions through violence.

Amnesty supports humane standards, that should be respected by armed opposition groups and governments. The group is against all sorts of capital punishment, regardless of the crimes and execution methods.

Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF)

HRWF is a non-governmental organization that deals with research, monitoring and analysis of various types of human rights. Founded in 1989, the group operates in several countries around the world.

The founders were advocates who sought to promote democracy and the rule of law, by defending human rights.

HRWF gathers primary subsidiaries in the United States, Nepal, China and Belgium. The organization publishes reports, newsletters and articles, that are translated into English. HWRf also fights against human trafficking and sexual abuse.

National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR)

NNIRR is a group that advocates for the rights of refugees and immigrants, regardless of their registration status. It was founded in 1986 to accommodate members of diverse communities, build alliances and collaborate with socioeconomic justice groups, around the world.

The organization is dedicated to secure safe, peaceful and healthy lives for all individuals in the world.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

ACLU advocates for liberties and individual rights, that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution. The group provides legal advice and help victims of violations of civil rights.

The group is made up of a public charity foundation and a social welfare group. The organization has over 1 million members around the world. ACLU is a relentless advocate of abortion, gun rights, birth control rights, free speech and human rights.