Innovacare Health: Richard Shinto’s Foundation Aimed to Better Healthcare Services

InnovaCare Health is the leading provider of physician practices and Medicare plans. It is a corporation that is obligated to provide high-quality healthcare services by appointing cost-effective, fully-integrated, and sustainable models of improved technology. Dr. Richard Shinto holds the position of CEO and President of InnovaCare Health Solutions. Before inventing this company, he served at the Aveta Incorporation as the Chief Executive Officer and President for five years. This was when he received the year award by Ernst & Young for the best entrepreneur. This is because he portrayed success as his financial performance was high and his commitment to innovation was also commendable. He also demonstrated a personal commitment to businesses as well as his endeavors. Previously, he was at the NAMM in California where he was a Chief Medical Officer. In 1996, he served at MedPartners where he was the Corporate Vice President in the medical sector.

Penelope Kokkinides rejoined InnovaCare in June 2015 and serves as the C.E.O. She previously held the position of C. O.O in the same company. She was also the Vice President of Clinical Operations. She has vast experience and knowledge in managing and developing heath care operations, programs, and processes. She worked as the COO and Executive Vice President of Centerlight HealthCare before rejoining InnovaCare, where she managed the overall management and developed tactics to control the care division. Visit Penelope’s website at

In an interview at ideasmensch, she says that every day in her life is different, and she enjoys it because she is always on her toes. She also enjoys traveling and fully utilizes her time in the air as it is the most peaceful part of her day. Her great team motivates her to develop and implement ideas, and vice versa, which is how they bring their ideas to life. Penelope is excited by technology and how it connects people from all around the globe. She says that she spares every night to think about the following day and what she can do to move a step forward. As an entrepreneur, this is a habit that has made her more productive. Penelope Kokkinides advises people that to be successful, one ought to spend a significant amount of time getting information from publications, books, articles, and even other research sources. This helps in determining whether new strategies need to be developed or eradicated. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

In 2016, InnovaCare announced their partnership with a public- private corporation known as LAN, so as to turn the health schemes in the United States of America to models of payment that are not based on quantity but quality. They stated that this initiative was to measure the advancement towards the set goals.

Jim Tananbaum Advances Healthcare

The up and coming company Mindstrong Health recently achieved their goal of raising 14 million dollars. This money will be used to build their revolutionary diagnosis platform and neuropsychiatric treatment. The platform was invented so that it could use the patterns of smartphone use and connection in order to monitor cognitive brain function. This device has the potential to completely turn around the medical industry just by using a scroll or text on a smartphone. Mindstrong is going to be a huge turnabout in the way mental health is currently diagnosed.

Right now, mental health disorders are hard to diagnose due to the environment they are taken in. Many people do not act themselves in a clinical environment, making it difficult for doctors to accurately examine them. Mental health diagnoses are also very subjective since the doctor has to rely on social cues they pick up from the patient. Mindstrong could completely change the way this is done and benefit so many people. They hope that soon mental disorders will be as easy to diagnose as high blood pressure. Mindstrong takes measurements through the day and the results are more accurate and natural than what could be recorded in a clinical environment.

Found, CEO and Managing Director of the Foresite Capital firm, Jim Tananbaum, sees great value in this new technology. Jim earned a BS and BSEE from Yal University, and got his MD from Harvard Medical School. In addition, he went to Harvard Business School where he got his MBDA. Jim also earned a degree from MIT. Jim has built up quite a bit of experience and knowledge during his time studying and working actively in the industry. During his time in investment, Jim worked with Prospect Venture Partners II, III and the Sierra Ventures firm. See his page for more info.

Jim is an experienced investor and has several impressive investments. His biggest investments lie with Amira Pharmaceuticals and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Jim sees value in Mindstrong not only through its ability to push mental health knowledge forward and benefit patients who suffer with these disorders, but also through the way it has potential to save everyone a lot of money.

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Oncotarget Publishes A Report About The Much-Ignored Controversy Of E-Cigarettes

Oncotarget published an article that looks into the unexplored case of alternating the traditional cigarettes with e-cigarettes. The paper was a conclusion of a study done by environmental medicine Professor Irfan Rahman of UR School of Medicine and Dentistry. The study delved into how this new craze is worse than its predecessors and how the damage it causes to organs of smokers. According to earlier studies, scientists had perceived that the smoke emissions of cigarette are the primary cause of a smoker’s detrimental respiratory health. However, new studies indicate that there are more damaging chemicals to it than the vapor. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

Rahman revealed that his studies showed that vapor from e-cigarettes deteriorate cells and cause them to output inflammatory proteins. The proteins cause more damage to the cells and consequently being the slow process of destroying the entire breathing system. Additionally, the flavors included in this new cigarette add to the adverse effect of using them. The study of Oncotarget which was done on a human dummy established that different flavors resulted in various levels of damage to cells.

E-cigarettes’ composition of batteries, a heating device and the cartridge that holds the liquid have a more adverse effect on oral health in comparison to traditional cigarettes. The vapors which have the infusions of unknown chemicals and nicotine that do not compare to those of its predecessors. Rahman stated that the amount and duration of smoking ultimately determine how each smoker develops oral and respiratory complications. He wishes that manufacturers would reveal all the chemicals used to users, so as to enlighten them on the effects of buying the products. Download output styles at

Rahman’s study was under the financial sponsorship of the National Institute of Health. Individuals who participated in the study include author Isaac K. Sundar, Fawad Jayed, Georgies E. Romanos, and Stony Brook alongside the chief researcher Rahman Irfan.

Oncotarget is a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal that publishes material regarding oncology. It began operating in 2010 and is under the editorial management of the scientists Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov who both work at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The two have an extensive experience in oncology and commit to putting out articles that provide the scientific world with adequate information.

Looking Fabulous Working out with Fabletics

Kate Hudson working with JustFab Incorporated CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Unveiled Fabletics, a company that is giving Amazon a run for their money. Fabletics provides affordable, good quality and trendy workout clothes for the active woman. It takes a lot of hard work and is a big deal when a new brand takes on one of the most popular online shopping markets and makes a success of it. What defines a high-value brand has greatly changed. No longer is price and the quality of the items the only thing that consumers consider. Consideration is placed on the durability and the clients’ experience.


Fabletics compares itself to companies like Warby Parker and Apple. Apart from the fact that the membership program allows the company to provide personalized service to the consumer. They also provide high-quality brands to the consumer at lower prices compared to their competitors. By using reverse showrooming, Fabletics has turned showrooming into an advantage instead of a disadvantage.


It is important for the success of a company like Fabletics to show and give the customer items they are interested in. Fabletics relies on data gathered on individual clients to deliver to them items that appeal to their tastes and their interests. Although the company gains from this data it is not the only reason they are succeeding. Being within reach of the consumer and appealing to their cultural preferences they have managed to keep up their success.


The personalized approach ensures that the customer gets the best. There are surveys to find out their type of workout routines, and this is used in recommending the type of clothing they should buy. This is done every month. When a customer first joins Fabletics VIP membership program, she gets a reduction on their first purchase. The quality of the clothes is high even at the reduced prices. The workout clothes are trendy, and many different styles are available for the client to choose from. You can go on their website and take the Lifestyle Quiz which tells which clothes are the best for you.


Fabletics is great value for money as compared to other retailers who charge very high prices. Although the items are of high quality, this does not translate to exorbitant prices. The consumer is provided with a high-quality product at a reasonable price. The online shopping experience is not complicated or difficult, and the customer can easily order items they are interested in as soon as they are made available. Users of Fabletics highly recommend it.

Roberto Santiago Investing Locally In The Real Estate Industry

Roberto Santiago is an award-winning motor cross expert. However, this is not all he is known for. He is known for a number of things including running a blogs that discusses all about Brazil. He is also known for being an expert script writer and producer. But, again, that is not all. He is a proficient businessman. He is the owner of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall which is located in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba.

To achieve this success, Roberto success had to be molded through education and career experience. He passed high school with flying colors and gained an admission to the Pio X-Marist College. But after the completion of his studies at the college, he decided to further his studies and gain some background knowledge in business management. This would be helpful once he started his own business. Therefore, he applied for a Business Administration Degree at the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

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As for career experience, Roberto Santiago had to start at the lowest and work his way up. He started out working at Café Santa Rosa. His first job equipped him with experience on how to run a business. He also saved enough for him to be able to start a cartonage business. He would make decorative and utilitarian products and supply them. He also supplied cartons to packaging companies.

By the year 1887, Roberto Santiago had saved enough to enable him get into the real estate business. But, when he bought his first piece of land, in the remote Joao Pessoa, he did not imagine that he would develop a leading mall in the country. In the year 1989, The Manaira Shopping Mall was inaugurated. It has since become a favorite spot among locals and people visiting Joao Pessoa.

The Manaira Shopping Mall has grown with every New Year. The Manaira Shopping Mall you see today was totally different a few years back. Today, the mall has the largest space for holding live concerts. The Domus Hall is located on the rooftop of the Manaira Building. It has technologically-advanced surround sound systems, allowing sound to reach everyone in the large hall. When at full capacity, the hall can carry up to 10,000 people. It is available for hire for weddings, receptions, graduation ceremonies, arts exhibition and theatrical performances etc.

Manaira Shopping Mall holds something for everyone. It is a one-stop shopping complex with stalls that offer everything that you might need. In Joao Pessoa, it is only at Manaira Shopping mall that you can bank, school, eat, play and shop. It is indeed one of the best investments by Roberto Santiago. Read more articles on

Richard Blair: Dedicated To His Clients’ Bottom Line

Richard Blair earned a B.A. in Finance, in 1993, from the University of Houston. In 1994, Richard Blair initiated Wealth Solutions, which is a privately held company, primarily serving his clients based in Austin, Texas. Richard Blair expertise is in the area of finances and investments. Blaire is a Certified Income Specialist (CIS), a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES), a Certified Tax Specialist (CTS), a Retirement Income Certified Professional. (RICP), a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), and a Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS).Learn more :


According to Blair, the goal of Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory firm, is to increase its clients’ assets with investment advice and management skills of the firm.Learn more :


Blair’s decision to enter the financial profession to give advice to people and businesses was as a result of members of his family, who were teachers. He was inspired by his grandmother and mother’s dedication to teaching which builds confidence and increases knowledge. As a result, Blair wanted to help people, and he chose to do so by entering the financial profession to provide personalized and professional advice.Learn more :


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has created a Finacial Planning Process by developing a three pillar approach for its clients to achieve their financial goals. The “pillar” approach efficiently and effectively analyzes its clients’ retirement needs. Wealth Solutions’ approach to economic analysis quickly discovers their clients’ financial situation as well as their retirement needs. The end goal of the Finacial Planning Process is to have a complete picture of the totality of the needs of its clients.


Pillar 1 lays out the client’s financial blueprint to isolate their clients’ strengths, risks, and growth potential. This pillars’ goal is to understand their clients’ point of view and perform an individual financial analysis,


Pillar 2 develops a program that is designed to develop a strategy to meet their clients’ retirement investment and liquidity needs. The practical effect is that the investment plan determines where to place their clients’ assets which are consistent with the financial plan and factor in periods of negative market growth.


Pillar 3 carves out a strategy to put in place their clients’ financial plan by deciding how to meet the insurance needs and long-term care of their clients.


For over twenty years Richard Blair, acting through Wealth Solutions, helped individuals and businesses overcome common perils with the goal of having a successful retirement from the University of Houston.


Mike Heiligenstein Leads the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority In the Right Direction To Cut Down On Congestion

Central Texas is a growing concern for commuters as traffic congestion increases on a daily basis. Projections show that traffic will continue to increase and this will cause congestion to increase in the next decade. The company, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a company that specializes in the mobility of traffic.

Their mission statement is to make solutions to solve the increase in traffic congestion. The company is involved with many roadway projects that has been experiencing traffic congestion on a daily basis. With communities always expanding, the need for roadway expansions is a must.

According to Biz Journals, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has built many roadways that have a variable toll system in place. This can be seen like supply and demand as the population continues to grow.

According to Crunchbase, the most current project that the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is working on is the MoPac Express Lanes. This project has the variable tolling system in place so that traffic flow will remain steady. Congestion is a growing concern and will always be a problem, but the congestion can be cut down by implementing the proper roadway solutions such as the MoPac Express Lanes.

Future projects like building smart roads are underway. The premise is to be ready for when smart cars can communicate with the highways. This is done by laying fiber lines in the roadways. The benefits of this is that if a car had turned onto a ramp going the wrong direction, the roadways can pick this up and alert the proper channels.

The Mobile Authority group has partnered with two companies, Metropia and Carma. Carma and the Mobile Authority group has created a carpooling app. This app is used so that congestion can be decreased by multiple people riding together on a daily basis. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

There is an estimate of 900,000 empty seats that travel daily. By grouping individuals together that are going in the same direction, this will cut down on the number of cars driving, thus improving traffic. Metropia and the Mobile Authority Group are working on an app that will give commuters alternate routes when traffic is reaching its heaviest on any given day.

Mike Heiligenstein is well known when it comes to infrastructure. He is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Prior to taking his role with the Mobility Authority, the Mobility Authority was at a standstill on how to generate revenue to fund the expansions of roadways and adding toll systems.

Now, the company has a system in place that will generate over $100 million by the year 2020.

Biggest Achievements and Philanthropical Activities of George Soros

George Soros is ranked among the top thirty richest men in the world, the top twenty people with the biggest amounts of charitable donations to non-profit causes and one of the most influential political investors the world knows.

George Soros has the advantage of money, and he has a lot of it, but the capital the investor has accumulated through the last couple of decades is carefully invested in making the world turn in a way that is beneficial for everybody. He is a big supporter of freedom of speech and equality, and there are a couple of reasons for that.

First of all, one has to analyze the past of a business magnate like Soros. He was born in 1930. He has Citizenship in Hungary, United States, but was born in Budapest in a Jewish family.

As a Jew that grew up in the metropolitan center of Budapest, Hungary, Soros saw very intimately the horrors of the first advances of the Nazi army led by Adolf Hitler and the Germans. They were continuously investing their soldiers and threatening to take over the Hungarian territory until they did, in 1944. Soros was only thirteen years old when the enemy forces occupied his country, and the Jewish family saw themselves obligated to hide some of their belongings and live in secluded fear.

The censure and prejudice that the little boy George and his family lived at that time are the main reason why Soros, as a billionaire with the power to change the world, is constantly supporting causes that fight for freedom of speech and expression. He thinks every culture and every country of origin deserves the same respect and recognition, and dozens of agencies, groups that advocate for civil rights and foundations, have already received generous funding from the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations, foundations that he built from the ground specifically to support these people.

Soros is a distinguished contributor to the American progressive and American liberal causes and has been seen multiple times in the political scene giving lectures about the importance of freedom in expression in every society.

As if it wasn’t enough, George Soros is also continuously seen in the spotlights of American elections as a significant participant of the donations and monetary contributions towards some campaigns. For example, in the elections of 2016, Mr. Soros was seen funding the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, donating $25 million to her campaign to try to defeat Donald Trump. Although he wasn’t successful, he did the same thing in the elections of 2004, when he tried to beat President George W. Bush. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Why try to defeat Donald Trump? The magnate and philanthropist were frightened of the intentions of Trump based on his “build a wall” campaign and some of the things that the President announced in interviews and lectures. As a big supporter of freedom of expression and diversity, George Soros got afraid of what Trump intended to do, stating in a meeting that the man was doing “the work of ISIS.”

The philanthropic activity of Soros began in 1979, and he established the Open Society Foundations in 1984 to try and organize physical locations that would be used to fund and support these causes.

The Open Society Foundations are open to this date and are continuously giving charities to make the world a better place for everybody.

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Sam Boraie Development LLC – One of the Major Real Estate Firms in New Brunswick, Headed by Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is one of the prominent figures in the New Brunswick city and has helped tremendously in transforming the city into a major social and economic hub in the state by undertaking major infrastructure development projects over the past four decades. From the very beginning, Omar Boraie believed in the hidden potential of New Brunswick City, and even though many criticized him for taking on the main residential and commercial projects in the city, he continued with developing the regions through landmark real estate projects.

One of the major projects that his firm, Boraie Development LLC, has developed is The Aspire, which is a high-rise luxurious residential building aimed at urban buyers. Omar Boraie has envisioned of a high-rise luxurious residential building such as the ones found in New York City for years, and with The Aspire, his dream has finally become a reality. Omar Boraie admits that many people in the New Brunswick never believed that project such as The Aspire was possible in the city, but he finally made it happen. Omar Boraie recalls that when he first came to New Brunswick, the whole town used to get deserted after 4 PM, as people left the area after work. People were scared to roam around in the evening, and there were hardly any points of recreation in the area. You can visit Bloomberg to know more about the company.

However, he took up the challenge to change the face of New Brunswick, and around four decades later, he has seen for real what he always believed in. Omar Boraie serves as the President of Boraie Development LLC, and the firm has played a significant role in the region’s development. The real estate development company of Omar Boraie has constructed many commercial as well as residential buildings in the area and helped change the image of the area. It is because of this transformation, many professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, and so on, have relocated in New Brunswick. It is the information taken from one of the blogs named “The Vision of Omar Boraie” published on Central Jersey Working Moms.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar Boraie now has an excellent office in the central area of New Brunswick and has a lovely view of the city he helped develop tremendously. One of the first projects he undertook in New Brunswick was taking over 21 abandoned buildings in the region and transforming it into a commercial center, which currently houses many national and international companies.

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Knowing All About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman as well as CEO of OSI Group, LLC. He is known for the career that he has made in the meat industry.

Sheldon Lavin has a career spanning over 43 years in the meat industry. But this is not how he started his career. He was a successful investor as well as an executive as he worked in the banking industry. In fact, Sheldon Lavin he is the owner of a financial consulting firm. After that Sheldon Lavin became the Chairman as well as CEO of the OSI Group, LLC. He was able to transform from being a small food supplier into a big supplier of food products worldwide. He was supplying various food services as well as retail brands.

Currently, OSI Group, LLC has become a holding company. It includes various other smaller companies like OSI Industries, LLC as well as OSI International Foods, LLC. These are based in the U.S. The OSI International, Inc., is the holding company for all the international investments of the OSI Group.

Today the OSI Group has nearly 20,000 employees spread across globally. Sheldon Lavin takes great pride in the kind of corporate culture that percolates to every rank of his company. He says that he is very proud of the unique culture at OSI. It is like a family. Besides, the workforce is longevity oriented. This means very less turnover. This is because Sheldon Lavin considers people as the most important part of his business.

It was in 1970 that Sheldon Lavin moved into the meat industry business. At that time he was arranging to finance for a company known as Otto & Sons. This can be considered as the predecessor company of OSI Industries, LLC.

In fact, Otto & Sons had the capacity for building a meat processing facility. Hence they became the Midwest supplier who was supplying hamburgers to the McDonald’s Corporation. This was when they required help in order to secure funding. The bank asked Sheldon Lavin to take the ownership position in the company, Otto & Sons. Initially, he declined. This is because it was not something that he knew since he was in consulting practice.

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