Sahm Adrangi: An Influencial Finance Investment Expert

In our globalized world where economies are either shooting up or going down, the role of an investment firm has a vital role in the marketplace. There is a need for skillful choices of guarantees, based on extensive research to be able to accomplish the purpose of investment. That is how Kerrisdale Capital Management operates.

Kerrisdale Capital Management’s Chief Investment Officer, Sahm Adrangi is also the founder of the said firm. He founded the company in the year 2009 and has been behind the firm’s progress. Sahm Adrangi’s business is a considered to be a researched oriented investment firm which mainly contributed to the firm’s success throughout the years.

In the year 2010, the name Sahm Adrangi was known due to his expose’ of fake Chinese companies. The success of the firm he founded was based on his concentration and focus on some sectors of the said firm. Examples of a sector he set his focal point on are the biotechnology sector, mining sector, and the telecommunications sector.

Sahm Adrangi studied at the Yale University and finished with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Sahm Adrangi’s financial path started as an officer in the credit sector of financing. He spent working for several years in a corporation which was a multi-billion-dollar afflicted debt fund.

Because of his extensive knowledge in investments and funding,

is usually chosen to be a speaker for conferences and Seminars. Some of the meetings that Adrangi was a speaker were the Sohn Conference, Traders 4 a Cause, and the Value Investing Conference.

Being influential in the finance world, he was interviewed by several known journalism mediums. He appeared in Bloomberg and also in CNBC, both networks are known for their essential news in finance. He also was interviewed in publishing mediums such as magazines and newspapers. His thoughts and success were published in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, and many more known publications.

To be able to be successful in the finance field and business, you must be aware with the current issues about the finance world aside from this; you need to research and know how to make every investment count, just like Sahm Adrangi. Via twitter

Jordan Lindsey: Advising Your Forex Trades

In the forex market, just as in life, there are things you can control and things you can not control. The wise trader understands the difference between the two and accepts it. While not so smart traders will kid themselves and regularly overtrade their accounts. Thirsting for action, they conjure false trading signals. That is the number one stumbling block to success in forex.

When Jordan Lindsey, the founder of JCL Capital, says that targeting a 7 percent return and compounding the profits for ten years would turn $10,000 into a cool $1 million the math backs up his assertion. The hard part is in fashioning a trading plan which can regularly produce such results. The road to the forex pot of gold is singular and requires focus and execution to attain, but it is doable.

Many traders who have given up on their dreams sabotaged themselves first. They come up with workable trading plans, but then they deviate from them. Ideas can only work if you adhere to them, as Jordan Lindsey has often said. Many times traders transform into gamblers, allowing their need for action to undermine their strategy. A “need for action mentality” is antithetical to becoming a consistently profitable trader.

Jordan Lindsey has misgivings about traders who seek stellar returns over a short period. Such traders delude themselves. They talk themselves into taking trades that are not there. Patience is the only vehicle to forex trading success. If the market fails to present a trading setup, that is not your fault. All that a trader can do is wait for it. Profitable traders are comfortable going days or even weeks without trading.

Once you start trading impulsively, you are no longer trading; you are gambling. The market “takes out” gamblers as if it were protocol. Traders must only take trades when their predetermined criteria have presented themselves. Trading correctly implies that you only trade when you have the edge. That is what Jordan Lindsey means when he says discipline not to make ridiculous mistakes is a reflection of having a well thought out plan and seeing it through to the end.

With Elysium Health, Dr. Leonard Guarente Brings Safety, Efficacy, and Accessibility to Supplements

The nutritional supplement industry has been marred by scandals and scams of varying degrees of seriousness in the last several decades. But Elysium Health is seeking to stand out as a company in this industry.

Elysium Health was founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente in 2014 with the mission to create clinically validated health products that work. Working together with world-class scientists, the company is translating advances in science and technology in order to help people live healthier, longer.

The company’s first product, Basis, is a daily supplement that is based on more than 25 years of prior research. The product is able to significantly boost the levels of a crucial coenzyme NAD+ in our bodies. The supplement has been clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+ by an average of 40 percent in humans.

NAD+ is essential to many of our cellular functions like energy creation, DNA protection, and circadian rhythms. Over time, as we age, levels of NAD+ naturally fall. This leads to a gradual breakdown of our cellular functions. But as Basis maintains higher levels of NAD+, those functions can continue performing at more optimal levels, supporting our cellular health as a result.

Basis comes in individual jars, each of which contains a 30-day supply of the supplement. A single jar costs $60, but monthly subscriptions to the supplement decrease the cost per jar to between $40 and $50.

Although Basis is the sole product that Elysium Health currently sells, the company is in the process of researching more products. The company is developing new products that focus on cognitive health, muscle function, and skin health. These are currently in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical trials.

For more information about Elysium Health, the scientists working with the company, and information on the science behind Basis visit Elysium’s website.

Louis Chenevert, a Leader Among Men

Often times the Chief Executive Officer of a company remains somewhat detached to the necessities of his employees, tending to focus strictly on the company. While it is true that it is the job of the Chief Executive Officer to maintain an adequate level of success over for the short term, it was Louis Chenevert’s belief in investing for the future that led him to seek out the latest and most innovative forms of technology, as well to create a work environment that allowed his employees the best opportunity to thrive. In order to do this, he decided to champion education, offering free schooling for his employees. It was his belief that by placing heavy emphasis on innovation regarding the direction of the company, as well as for the people who made it operate so efficiently, United Technologies Corporation would constantly remain at the forefront.

Louis Chenevert received his education from HEC Montreal, which is a subsidiary of the University of Montreal. He would go on to spend over a decade working for General Motors, helping it to thrive during bitter economic times. While his record of success had already been firmly cemented, it was his time with Pratt & Whitney Canada that would change the course of his career, as well as the companies that he headed. With a mind that was always linked to the future, as well as all things innovative, Louis Chenevert quickly recognized that the geared turbofan engine being developed by Pratt & Whitney at the time would change global transportation forever.

In 2006, after being elected Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, Mr. Chenevert continued the development of the geared turbofan engine, effectively creating a perfect marriage between the two corporations. After the success of the geared turbofan engine, which is now utilized in over 70 type of aircraft around the world, United Technologies Corporation, as well as Pratt & Whitney, would begin to make a mark on the global stage. Today, Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, Gregory Hayes, continues to utilize many of the processes belonging to Mr. Chenevert’s school of thought, helping it to remain a juggernaut within the business world.

Waiakea Water: The Water, the Bottles, the Company

There are many modern manufacturers that focus on bottled water. If you spend any time at the supermarket in your neighborhood, you’ll undoubtedly spot a range of bottled water options easily accessible to you. The world of bottled water has a value of more than $100 billion internationally. People in Italy take in the most significant amounts of bottled water at the moment. There are various nations, however, that are quickly catching up. People in the past may have thought that the mere notion of bottled water sales was totally ludicrous. The planet is in no way the same now, though.

People who like the concept of Hawaii volcanic water frequently are drawn to Waiakea Water. It’s a brand that’s now changing the face of sustainability in many ways. People who want information regarding volcanic water benefits tend to admire Waiakea Water. It’s extracted from a source that’s alkaline and pure. That’s one of the main reasons people love it so much. It comes in packages that are good for the environment. The brand, last but not least, is equipped with an international viewpoint that’s a strong match for its substantial customer base and its needs and wants.

Ryan Emmons is the entrepreneur who founded Waiakea Water. He committed to introducing it the planet back in 2002. He had a major epiphany at that time. He picked up on the fact that he had been taking in water in Hawaii that was unlike anything else. Waiakea Water gets its supplies from a sole location that’s not far away from Hilo. The water has a mineral composition that’s one-of-a-kind. It’s chock-full of electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. It has superb levels of silica as well. This level of silica gives the water a pleasant texture that people often cannot resist.

Emmons indicates that water that has the right level of silica can do a lot for human health. He states that research displays that it can actually make people markedly less susceptible to a medical condition that’s known as Alzheimer’s disease. People who want to avoid dementia may want to sample Waiakea Water.

Getting Ready For The Day With Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but she moved to the United States when she was a teenager. Shortly after she moved, she started her own cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Doe has a morning routine that she follows just about every morning. Her internal alarm clock is set to 8:30 each morning as she gets up at this time every day. She enjoys meeting each new day with a smile and a healthy breakfast. It’s the simple things that Doe looks forward to, which allow her to get up at the same time every morning. Learn more:


The first thing that Doe does every morning is to drink a glass of water. Since she lives in Los Angeles where it can get very dry, she knows that it’s important to hydrate the body from the inside out. Before eating a healthy breakfast, she tries to get in a few exercises. Some of the things that Doe eats in the morning include yogurt and granola. While enjoying her breakfast, Doe looks at her phone to learn about the events of the day and what happened overnight. Doe also consults with her Lime Crime members about what needs to happen during the day. Lime Crime offers several types of makeup in bold and bright colors. Doe enjoys making her customers feel unique and like the unicorns that they are with the bright hair dyes, lipsticks and eyeshadows that the company sells.


After breakfast, it’s time for Doe to get ready for the day. She turns the music up in her home and begins to wash her face, style her hair and do her makeup. So that her hair is dry in the morning, Doe takes a shower at night. This cuts down on the time spent on her morning routine. Doe often curls her hair and leaves it down. She washes her face with products that have natural ingredients and uses a moisturizer each day. After her foundation is applied, Doe begins to set her makeup with some of her favorite shades and products, most that are from her own cosmetics line

How to Stop the Signs of Aging with Jeunesse Skincare Products

As you age, there is a very high probability that your skin will start developing wrinkles, pores, lines and other signs of aging. Fortunately, Jeunesse Global at-home skincare products can not only help to restore your damaged skin but also maintain your beauty and youthful looks. Here are a few of the products offered by the company and how to use them for optimal results.


The Luminesce line of skincare products helps to restore your already damaged skin. Continuous use of this product improves the radiance of your skin making you appear younger. Luminesce is composed of a compound called as APT-200 that is scientifically proven to soften the outer layer of the skin.

Depending on the extent of your skin’s damage and budget, Luminesce comes in many varieties including cellular rejuvenation serum, flawless skin brighter, daily moisturizer, advanced night repair, and essential body renewal.

Instantly Ageless

Instantly Ageless helps to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles, lines, under-eye bags, and pores that may develop on your face. The product works in less than two minutes of application, and its effect lasts up to nine hours.

For optimal results, apply Instantly Ageless across your entire forehead, not just the wrinkles or fine lines. If you have hooded eyes, use the cream below the natural eyebrow but not the upper eyelid.


NV contains the APT-200 compound, a skin primer, foundation, and bronzer. Daily application of NV leaves you with an appearance only comparable to a professional airbrush finish.

Before application, shake the bottle for five seconds, pour on the palm and blend with your fingertip or use the puff. During application, close your eyes and hold the bottle at least eight inches from your face then dab the center in a zigzag motion. Wait for 10 seconds to apply the foundation.

About Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse was founded by a couple, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis on September 09, 2009. The duo was in transition from successful corporate life into retirement. Armed with a vision to survive and remain youthful throughout their retirement, the couple came up with some of the best aging products used today. The products are distributed through direct selling and are available across the world.

Todd Lubar: A Brilliant Mind in Times of Challenges

Todd Lubar is the current president at TDL Global Ventures, LLC. The company is known for their partnership with establishments that managed to change the economy of the cities where they are living, and they are considered as one of the top contributors to the revenue of a local government. Being a well-known businessman and entrepreneur himself, Todd Lubar would always make sure that his employees and everyone who is working under him would be able to understand how their business works and how they would offer a world class service to their customers and clients. Aside from being the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, Todd is also busy being the senior vice president for another firm that focuses on investments and other financial matters.

According to Todd Lubar, managing two companies at the same time soon becomes tiring, because all he needs to think about is how the business goes or how the business is performing. It can be stressing seeing all of the information cluttered in a single area of the board. Being in the financial industry for more than 20 years, Todd Lubar already knows how he would be able to persuade other investors to invest their hard earn cash to his companies. He is also awarded because of the nature of his business, which is focusing more on how the financial world affects the whole world. Even if he is weak and burnt out, Todd Lubar is known for fighting back so that he can go to work. Right after the combat, he will go directly to the myth and serve the food that the customers wanted. Check out page for more.

Todd Lubar makes it possible for TDL Global Ventures, LLC to grow their presence around the world. The positive vibe that Todd Lubar provides makes it possible for someone without any background in investing to follow what the Rotom wanted. They can also focus on the growth of an individual, and the can partner with anyone regarding their problems with the stock market. Investing in the stock market can be considered as the most valuable stocks, and it can actually propel the design immediately.

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Jim Larkin: Hero Of The Irish Labor Movement

Folk hero and activist Jim Larkin was an Irish labor organizer who founded the General Worker’s Union. Larkin, who grew up in the slums of Liverpool, England, had to work a variety of jobs during his youth to take care of his family.

While Larkin rose to the ranks of dock foreman, he was still concerned about the unfair treatment of workers. A committed socialist, Larkin became a trade union organizer in 1905.

After joining the National Union of Dock Laborers, he transferred to Dublin. In 1907, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union, which was created to combine all workers into one organization. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Larkin also traveled to Scotland to organize labor in Glasgow and Preston. He was also at the forefront of protesting against Chinese immigration, believing it would undercut pay for Irishmen.

Larkin successfully organized Belfast dock workers and organized a strike when employers failed to meed pay demands.

Over 100,000 men went on strike for 8 months until their demands were met. In 1911,

Larkin established the Irish Worker and People’s Advocate newspaper. The newspaper went on for four years, denouncing Larkin’s political enemies and employers who mistreated workers. The paper was shut down by authorities.

He also organized one of the largest anti-war protests at the onset of WWI.

Larkin also helped orchestrate the Dublin Lockout. It was a major dispute between workers and employers. It was the most significant dispute dealing with the right for workers to unionize.

The dispute lasted about five months. Both sides were damaged during strike; many business when bankrupts and starving workers ended up joining Army and fighting in WWI.

Larkin continued with his labor activities for many years. He served as Labor Party Deputy from 1941-1944. He died in his sleep in 1947.

A memorial of Larkin stands in Belfast.

Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Sentient AI – A/B Testing

As an online business owner, you know how hard it can be to design a website, market that website, then to get potential buyers to come to that website to start generating some profit. It can be very hard to design a website that will have a high conversion rate because not everyone is an internet marketer. One great thing to do before and after you start to sell products or services on your online store is to ensure that the design enhances the conversion rate, and to do testing. This testing will be able to tell what design of an online store is the best one, and what you should do with photos, text, and other things such as widgets. Using sentient AI to do A/B testing can really help ensure that your online store has the best chance of selling, and has the best chance to make as much profit as possible.

Sentient AI can really be a game changer in your pursuit of having the highest as possible conversion rate for your online store. Sentient AI will analyze the data of two versions of a page of your online store, and determine which one is delivering better results. Because of this, AI can achieve these results fast in what would usually take testers a lot of time to do. Another great thing about this is that it can really help you with the design of your website. For example, fly ou does not know where to put a set of photos on a page of your online store. This testing will help you determine easily where they should go. Because the conversion rate really makes or breaks your profit from your business, you need to be sure that you are doing the best to achieve the highest conversion rate possible for your store. Using this strategy with sentient AI you will make a lot of profit that you would have otherwise not earned.

With sentient AI, you do not have to worry about doing complicated testing of your online store because AI can do it for you. You do not need to worry about which design is better because, with this new exciting technology, you can focus on other aspects of your business such as marketing or stock levels. Allow sentient AI today to work for you, and to achieve the highest conversion rate for your online store that is possible.