Marathon Pharma Seeks To Serve Those Most In Need

For most pharmaceutical companies, the bottom line is everything. Their sole motivation is profit and as a result, they concentrate on mass-producing cheap medicines in the highest quantities that they can. In other words, they concentrate on quantity rather than quality. One company that has decided to buck this trend is Chicago-based Marathon Pharmaceuticals.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals has based its business model on catering to those with uncommon or unique needs. When a person has a rare disease or any other uncommon affliction, their treatment options are normally quite limited. Too often, they have to go with a treatment option that they don’t particularly like because there is just no other way. Marathon has chosen to concentrate on quality over quantity by producing medicines that are normally very expensive and difficult to produce. While they cannot compete with the financial numbers associated with larger companies, it is safe to say that those afflicted with rare diseases are quite appreciative that there is at least one company working to meet their needs.


Marathon is also very much involved with medical research. For a company that focuses on rare and uncommon maladies, it is only natural that they would be highly engaged in the search for new and better medicines. They have recently opened up a new bioscience center in Chicago, which is named for the company. The facility has been staffed with the most competent professionals available, and between them they have an impressive range of experience. They use their extensive education and experience to work on new therapies and medicines for the treatment of many diseases including cancer, endocrine deficiencies, gastrointestinal diseases, movement disorders and maladies of the central nervous system.


This research has certainly not been without its fruits. One of these is a new type of lidocaine-based anesthetic. Unlike most anesthetics, this substance is not used as much for surgery as for routing blood draws. The product is mainly intended for children who need to have blood drawn regularly. The anesthetic is applied to the injection spot before the needle is administered. This is just one example of the good work that these fine people are doing to produce the next generation of medicines.


Jeffrey Aronin Promoting Bio-Pharmaceutical Innovation Through Paragon Biosciences

Jeffrey Aronin, recently recognized as one of the 2018’s 20 most influential leaders in healthcare by Insights Care magazine for his companies innovation and leadership in the bioscience field, is both the CEO and founder of Paragon Biosciences, LLC. Paragon Biosciences, LLC, based out of Chicago Illinois, is an organization dedicated to bettering the lives and conditions of its patients suffering from debilitating diseases as well as promoting innovation in biosciences by investing in high growth biotechnology companies. Since the month of October in 2017 Paragon Biosciences has invested upwards of $450 million dollars into creating new high growth bio-pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical compounds with the intent to develop innovative treatments and plan to throughout the next 12 months invest more than $445 million more dollars to this cause. Jeffrey Aronin has brought Paragon Biosciences to the top of the biotechnology industry by bringing medicine and treatment from biotechnology companies to the public market for those in desperate need. Another focus of Paragon Biosciences is to address the needs of those dealing with severe conditions and those with a high need for medical attention through innovative therapies many larger pharmaceutical companies may not address. Jeffrey Aronin in the past 10 years, through his pharmaceutical companies, has received more NDA and FDA approvals than even the largest pharmaceutical companies in the entire world. He believes that, though tough at times, they’ve earned multiple FDA approvals by putting the needs of individual patients first and that the drugs he and the companies have brought to the public market are significantly improving or saving the lives of patients. Jeffrey Aronin is passionate about his work and the physicians and patients whose stories he’s heard upon meeting them from providing much needed life altering drugs. The success of Paragon Biosciences and Jeffrey Aronin can be attributed to his exceptional leadership skills and the committed team of employees, some of which have been working with Aronin for over 15 years, dedicated to treating unaddressed severe medical conditions.

Fortress Investment Group: A Win for Brightline


A recent article entitled “Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline Receives $1.75 Billion in Funding” talks about the important work that the Brightline division of Fortress Investment Group in the Orlando community. The article discusses future plans to expand the Brightline rail system that moves through Miami to West Palm Beach all the way to Orlando. The goal of this expansion would be to cut down on commute time for residents and ease congestion. It is an ambitious project but not one that a company like Fortress Investment Group or their affiliates will shy away from. It represents an opportunity to prove themselves once again.

The current construction project has been started with the hope that it will be completed by the year 2021. In areas where the rail system has already been installed, it has enjoyed an enormous amount of success. The trains for Brightline can go around 79 miles an hour. This significantly cuts down on the time it takes for travelers to commute to and from these large cities. Travelers, too, are given an opportunity to visit different areas of Florida without having to deal with traffic. It allows them to experience their vacation in an entirely different way.

Another way that this expansion will help the community of Florida is that it will create a plethora of new jobs for construction workers and other service providers. It is also anticipated that the building of these railways will be a catalyst for future development along stops. Brightline officials have already contemplated where stops will be located along the Orlando route. Regardless, this boom in infrastructure will result in a $2.4 billion economic impact and create anywhere from 2000 to 6000 jobs in the Central Florida area. There is also a potential that should this be as successful as anticipated this expansion will spread to other cities.

Brightline is a division of Fortress Investment Group. The company is an investment firm that has been dedicated to building diverse portfolios for their clientele since they were founded in 1998. The investment firm uses their extensive knowledge of the industry to inform their diverse portfolio. They have seen an extreme amount of success in the investment world because they are not afraid to make the first step. Fortress Investment Group has a reputation for pushing the limits with their brilliant expertise. They know where to invest and they are not afraid to do it. The recent success of their division with Brightline shows their excellent leadership skills.

Jeremy Goldstein Is A Co-Chairmen At The Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is a respected lawyer working out of New York that runs his own practice and has been in the business for more than two decades. The majority of the cases Jeremy takes on at his firm relate to corporate governance, though they handle most cases they come through the door. Jeremy is also a co-chairman for the 70 plus-year-old programs known as the Fountain House. In 2016, Jeremy hosted the Fall Fete and in May of this year, he hosted a fundraising gala over a wine dinner.


The events that take place at the Fountain House are well-planned and typically feature dinner, wine, and dancing. In 2016, they even did an awards ceremony to recognize the talented individuals in the Fountain House Program which were able to obtain new scholarships to get into their education programs. One of the men featured was Paul Dalio, a filmmaker and the man behind Touched with Fire.


Each year, more than one thousand people are involved with the Fountain House throughout the city of New York. They even offer programs to aid individuals looking to pursue an education despite having mental illnesses they need to overcome, which is one of the most unique aspects of the Fountain House these days. Jeremy Goldstein as well as other Fountain House officials aim to spread the treatment programs globally through professional networking and partnerships with other philanthropic organizations.


Jeremy earned his bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Cornell and has been hard at work since his graduation. As a leading attorney in corporate governance in the United States, Jeremy Goldstein has played a key role at the Fountain House, using his business experience to push the organization further every year. The models Jeremy introduced have allowed the Fountain House’s influence to reach more than thirty different countries around the globe today.


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Marc Beer is Leading the Charge in Eliminating Urinary Incontinence in Women

Renovia founder and Chief Executive Officer Marc Beer is quite the professional. Along with founding Renovia he is also responsible for founding Aegerion. Both are medtech companies that he built from the ground up that are thriving today. He served as the CEO of Aegerion as well. Renovia was officially established in 2016 and since then it has steadily grown. Many professionals around the industry know Marc from founding Aegerion. Renovia is geared toward improving the lives of women who unfortunately suffer from pelvic floor disorder. It is currently researching a multitude of devices that have the potential to do just that in the near future. Marc spearheaded the startup’s Series B in which it raked in a grand total of $42 million.


Renovia’s base of activities can be found in Boston. Its main concern right now is eliminating urinary incontinence in women. this would be a very great accomplishment considering an estimated 250 million women suffer from pelvic floor disorder worldwide. Renovia currently only has one drug that has been FDA approved.


Marc Beer is very grateful for the funds that Renovia has received so far and knows if things keep trending upward like this the sky is the limit for what the startup is capable of. It will serve as a beacon of hope for women who have none as it pertains to pelvic floor disorder. Renovia and Marc Beer are leading the charge in wiping out urinary incontinence in women altogether.


Renovia, seems like a very logical next step for Marc Beer considering he left Aegerion in 2015. Both companies are dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by a health issue that is often ignored. With that being said, Renovia’s purpose fits right into the experienced professional’s wheelhouse.


Marc Beer is an expert in multiple fields including biotech and pharmaceutical. his prowess as an entrepreneur was fist put on display in 2000 when he founded Viacell. He turned the startup into a thriving company that went public in 2005 before being purchased by PerkinElmer. The company was doing so well that many were shocked that he sold it so early. Learn more:


From Manhattan to the West Coast, The RealReal takes Los Angeles

Melrose has joined the ranks of New York City, at least according to the The RealReal luxury consignment company. The San Francisco-born resale giant opened their second permanent brick-and-mortar store in July on Melrose Avenue. The originally online-based company emphasizes their uniqueness in that everything is professionally authenticated and priced at market value, appealing to buyers of all kinds who may have missed out on coveted pieces of runways past, or those who simply want to own designer apparel at a lower-than-original-retail price. The RealReal first entered the physical world last year with the opening of their original brick-and-mortar store in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood with huge success, leading to pop-up shops in Las Vegas and San Francisco.

The opening of this second store in Los Angeles brings with it the opportunity to see and touch the pieces that would normally just be shown in photographs on the company’s website. The new store space features 12,000-square-feet of floor space to showcase their selection of the most coveted brands from Chanel to Dior, Balenciaga, Rolex, and, yes, even those exclusive Birkin bags, which will reside in the boutique’s 1,500-square-foot handbag vault. The Melrose location also features a 5,500-square-foot men’s store with its own separate entrance, another differentiation from the SoHo store. That’s not even to mention the sit-and-stay aesthetic the new shop will feature. The Melrose location has an outdoor sitting space, a café, CaféCafé, that will serve coffee, juices, salads, and more, and even a whiskey bar, to fuel shoppers.

If selling designer pieces is what you’re after, The RealReal offers free, no obligation authentication. So, if you just want to know if that Chanel Boy bag you inherited from your grandmother is, in fact, the “RealReal” deal, you can utilize The RealReal’s curbside pickup service, in home evaluation, by appointment, or in-store services, all done by their professionally trained authenticators. And don’t just clean out your closet. The RealReal also consigns home decor, furniture, and artwork. Other services such as watch repair, jewelry cleaning, and handbag conditioning are also set to be included at the new Melrose store.

Aloha Construction Reaches New Construction Project Milestone In 2018

When roof and siding season hits in Illinois and southern Wisconsin homeowners often turn to Aloha Construction to repair the damage. This company is licensed, bonded, and has been providing construction services for 10 years. They introduced an interior restoration service in May 2018, a service they have been doing since they started but have never intentionally marketed until now.

President and Chief Executive Officer David Farbaky says that it was in 2013 when his company passed the milestone of having completed 7000 construction projects. In 2018 his company, which he is also the founder of, passed the 20,000 construction project mark. He says that to keep up with the demand he opened a second office in Bloomington, Illinois, in 2015. His original office in Lake Zurich and this new office now have a comparable workload.

David Farbaky says that the goal at Aloha Construction has always been about making homeowners feel safe in their homes. They offer free quotes and can get to work right away when a home experiences damage. They have been doing kitchen and bath remodels for years. They now offer other interior services like restoration, water extraction, and clean-up. His company is a one-stop construction company which can secure homes and improves them as well.

Aloha Construction has a great reputation as a firm that treats each of its customers in an ethical and forthright way. This commitment to being fair in their dealing resulted in their local BBB chapter honoring them with the 2017 Torch Award For Marketplace Ethics. This is an award given to businesses that show industry leadership, solid business practices, and that benefit the broader community through being socially responsible.

There are six criteria for earning this award. One of these criteria is giving back to people who live where a company does business. Aloha Construction has supported a number of nonprofits and youth sports leagues over the past decade. One example of this is when Aloha Construction partnered with Omi Youth Services. A family was chosen to have a 60-second shopping spree at an area toy store. This family, which was a single mother and four young children, managed to grab $7,000 worth of items which made for a very merry Christmas for them.

Badminton Talent Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a Jamaican badminton player that has become well known for his skills in the game. He has competed in several competitions including the Commonwealth Games and the Pan American Games. Gareth Henry was also a member of the Jamaican men’s team that won the Pan Am Men’s Championship in 2018. In addition to winning as a team, he did very well in the partner competitions. Gareth Henry and his partner Samuel O’Brien Ricketts came in first place at the men’s double in the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2018. Gareth Henry is not the only person in his family that is a talented badminton player. His sister Geordine Henry also plays badminton at the professional level. The brother-sister team even played as a pair. They won the mixed doubles title a total of six times at the Jamaican National Badminton Championships.

In addition to being one of the most popular badminton players from Jamaica, Gareth Henry is also one of the youngest players to be involved in this sport at a professional level. When he was 15 years old, Gareth was able to go up against players that are much older than he was. He thinks that challenging older players gave him the confidence he needed and helped improve his skills as well. He is looking to help young people get involved in badminton and reach the top of their game.

Gareth is helping the Jamaica Badminton Association promote this sport in the inner cities in Jamaica. Gareth has seen some great up and coming players in the inner cities and would like to give them a chance to show off their skills. He is also looking to playing against some of the younger players to help them develop their talent and build up their skills. Gareth would like to show these players some moves and help them become well-rounded badminton players.

Fortress Investment Group and the many years of excellence

Fortress Investment Group began in 1998 and came from a humble beginning to become a world leader in the investment and asset management. They announced in 2007 in New York when they were making their Initial Public Offer (IPO). Fortress is concerned with mergers and acquisition, operations management, capital markets and investing in assets for various companies and institutions. They diversified their investments and managed to attract thousands of customers. Today they manage assets worth billions of dollars.

Who are the founders of Fortress Investment Group?

For a company to succeed there is the need to come up with the right strategies. That is why the founders have knowledge about the industry. The fortress was started by experts who had been observing the market for many years. They came together with a common goal because they realized would achieve great things if they worked together. Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone wanted to revolutionize the investment sector. They had worked for other financial organizations hence they knew what they needed to do to make their company succeed. The journey started in 1999, and they were ready for the growth of the company. Fortress Investment Group continued to grow, and since then it has achieved a lot.

The company history

Since it was started by able leaders who had a great vision, Fortress Investment Group experienced tremendous growth. It diversified its products by buying several assets in 2007. There was also a big boost when Peter Briger joined the company. He is also an experienced principal, and since he came to Fortress, he has shaped the market. The main reason why Fortress investment has succeeded is that of the excellent leadership and working with the right employees. With the guidance of Wes Edens and Peter Briger, the organization has managed to acquire a broad client base. Peter Briger has years of experience, and in all the companies he has worked for, he managed to help them to make huge profits. That is why he has also brought a lot of experience to Fortress Investment Group.

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OSI Group is an Industry-Leading Food Manufacturer

OSI Group is an industry-leading food manufacturer. The company has been in business for over 100 years and continues to deliver the excellence that it was noted for from the very beginning. OSI Group has its roots in the Chicago area. It began as a family-owned organization that was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. Otto called his company Otto and Sons. They supplied meat to local food businesses. Over the years Otto and Son gained notoriety and became a trusted provider of product.

In the 1950’s Otto and Sons was discovered by McDonald’s Corporation CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was moving his enterprise into the Illinois area and needed a meat supplier. He chose Otto and Sons to be one of several hundred suppliers for his nationwide organization. Otto and Sons stepped up to the challenge and immediately set themselves apart from its contemporaries in the industry. Before long Ray Kroc selected Otto and Sons to be the number one supplier of meat to his organization.

Otto and Sons built a state-of-the-art meat processing plant in order to accommodate the responsibilities of the McDonald’s contract. The facility featured several innovative touches such as the meat patty cutting machine and cryogenic freezing chambers. These were two innovations that catered to the specific needs of the McDonald’s Corporation. They saved the restaurant giant a tremendous amount of man hours. The cryogenic freezing chambers also allowed Otto and Sons to store large amounts of product to supply the massive needs of McDonald’s.

Otto and Sons became known as OSI Group by the 1960’s. The company began making international business transactions outside of its relationship with McDonald’s. It currently has working relationships with other food franchises such as Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Subway. There are 65 facilities operating in 17 countries around the world. OSI Group was ranked as the 58th largest privately owned company in the world by Forbes Magazine.