Igor Cornelsen: Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen is known as an adviser and manager with an extensive range of experiences in the field of investment banking. He was born in Brazil in 1947, and he began his career at the Federal University of Parana while pursuing a degree in engineering. However, he changed his course of studies in order to focus on economics, and that decision shaped many future events in his life. Once he completed his undergraduate degree in economics, he was primed to acquire a position in the field of investment banking. He began working at Multibanco after graduating, and he also worked at Unibanco. His work in management gave him insights into the patterns and behaviors related to stock performance, so his views on investing in company stocks are directly related. These positions also gave him the foothold he needed to eventually master the skills that would lead him into the world of entrepreneurship.

Igor Cornelsen, Advice for Investing

Mr. Cornelsen is comfortable speaking publicly about his views on investment strategies as well as other related topics, and he offers support and encouragement to managers who are new to these types of markets. His views on China and Brazil are favorable for investors who are looking for opportunities to participate in emerging markets. The differences in the investment environment in Brazil can make clients hesitate before proceeding with their activities in the country, and this is a critical area of focus for Mr. Igor Cornelsen. He is well-versed in the markets and currency exchange rate conditions of multiple countries, and he has a knack for sensing critical changes in the market in advance of other investors. This is a part of his competitive edge, but he also backs up his investment advice with a detailed analysis. This includes following through on his previous advice in regards to specific investments. For example, he was adamant that the Euro would persist in the absence of another competitive currency with international recognition. After the recession that shook the European economy, his views seemed to hold. Over time, his views were validated by the returning stability of the Euro and its increase in strength relative to the US and British currencies.

His work in the financial sector includes strategies for investors who are interested in generating passive income. He remains confident that Brazil offers reliable investment opportunities in spite of the recession that occurred during 2016. The need to generate additional income is obvious to many people in his audience who have direct experience in working several jobs just to cover basic living expenses. The concept of passive income appeals to this audience because it offers people a way to generate money regardless of their direct involvement in the activity. This also means that the investor will not have to work nonstop in order to maintain the stream of passive income. Setting up the investment can seem complicated to investors who are new to this area of the market, and this is where the advice of Igor Cornelsen really shines.

History as an Investor

Personal experience as an investor is essential for providing meaningful insights on the topic, according to Igor Cornelsen. He combines his expertise as a researcher with meaningful activities that prove his theories in the real market. By taking his own investment advice, he is able to speak credibly to audiences that do not have his education or expertise in the financial sector. One of the main areas of focus for his clients is the source of the investment advice. According to Mr. Cornelsen, the quality of the investment information is as critical as any other factor. If data relating to economic activity is coming from a source that lacks credibility, mistakes can easily be made. The available literature can be difficult to parse for new investors who are bombarded with data and other economic information from a variety of sources. One of the key investment strategies he speaks about relates to the way this information is obtained and analyzed.

Education and Training

Igor Cornelsen was originally interested in the field of engineering, and his acceptance into the Federal University of Parana’s competitive engineering program represented a major achievement. After completing his education in 1970, he accepted an offer to work as an investment banker in Rio de Janeiro. Only four years later, he was rewarded for his hard work and dedication with a position as the bank’s newly appointed CEO. During a seven-year period, he served with distinction on the board of directors for the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank in Brazil. His work as an investment manager gave him the experiences that would later become invaluable as he started his own firm. He accomplished this goal using the insights that come only from daily exposure to the same issues that concern investors.

Penelope Kokkinides Articulates the Healthcare Crisis in Puerto Rico

Penelope Kokkinides is a business leader in the healthcare field and is currently the Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare, Inc. Before rejoining the company in 2015 June, Penelope served as its Chief Operating Officer and the Deputy President in charge of Clinical Operations. Penelope has over two decades experience in the healthcare sector specializing in managed care industry and government healthcare programs. She is an expert in developing clinical operation programs and the management of healthcare processes with the aim of improving the infrastructure and smoothen the field`s operations.


Penelope holds a Bachelor`s degree in classical languages and biological science from the University of Binghamton. She also has a Master’s Degree from Columbia University, specializing in public health, another one in Social work from the New York University and a post Master’s program in drug and substance. Before her current appointment at Innovacare, Miss Kokkinides worked as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President at Center light healthcare, and Corporate Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Healthcare. In both capacities, Penelope was responsible for the overall management, the development, and implementation of the company`s health models.


Just recently, Penelope was among eight women from caregiver organizations, invited by President Donald Trump at White House to discuss matters of health care. Penelope was privileged to address the attendants and took the chance to discuss the importance of having a more effective healthcare system in Puerto Rico. She noted the advantages that come with sufficient funding from the government and pointed out the drastic reduction in the government funding since 2011.


According to her, government funding has dropped by $1billlion and is deteriorating every day. She went ahead to highlight the health challenges the people of Puerto Rico are facing, and if the government didn’t chip in immediately and provide enough funding, the residents would be staring at a severe health crisis. The crisis would result in a massive migration of Puerto Rico`s residents from the island to the state, where the cost of medication is triple that of the island, hence affecting the residents.


On his part, Donald Trump commended the healthcare professionals, doctors, and nurses present since the forum brought together women who understood the healthcare sector in the states. He appreciated the efforts they made in articulating the issues affecting healthcare in Puerto Rico and ascertained the government`s support in reviving the industry. The meeting`s discussions were recently publicized, and observers noted the planned adjustments by the CMS in Puerto Rico`s healthcare system.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Beating All Odds To Become The Chairman Of The Second Largest Bank In Brazil

Before he stepped down from his role as the chairman, Lazaro Brandao was the oldest serving chairman of a financial institution. The 91-year old Lazaro Brandao finally decided to leave Bradesco bank after serving in the bank from the early 1940s. Brandao’s decision to leave the bank triggered a succession race in the bank as the board of directors strived to reshuffle the management of the institution. Lazaro Brandao tapped Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the immediate president as his successor.

After the appointment, Luiz was left to serve the two positions until a new CEO was announced during the bank’s annual general meeting in March this year.

Lazaro Brandao is the second CEO to serve in the bank since its inception. He joined Bradesco bank in 1943 where he served as a clerk. Lazaro Brandao served as the CEO from 1981-1989 before becoming the chairman in 1990.

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About Banco Bradesco
Banco Bradesco was founded in the early 1940s by Amador Aguiar. Bradesco is not only the oldest bank in Brazil, but it is also among the oldest worldwide. The bank is considered as the pioneer of many banking products in the country, including the use of credit cards and internet banking services. Currently, Bradesco bank boasts of over 27 million customers with hundreds of branches that are spread across the country. Bradesco has dominated the country’s banking sector before it was overtaken by their competitors in 2009.

Why Lazaro Brandao stepped down as the chairman
Lazaro Brandao has served in the banking sector for more than seven decades. At the age of 91 years, Lazaro realized that Bradesco needed a new breed of management for its continuity. He quit from the active role of serving as the chairman but Lazaro will continue overseeing operations of other Bradesco’s holdings.

Brandao’s achievements
The former chairman will be remembered for initiating many projects at Bradesco. He will also be remembered for enforcing the values that the founders instilled in Bradesco. Among them include a mythical dynasty where the company selects the top leadership from among the most experienced employees in the bank.

At some point, Lazaro was forced to amend the Bradesco’s succession rules to enable Luiz Carlos Trabuco to serve as the president at 67 years. During this years’ general assembly, the shareholders confirmed Octavio de Lazari as Trabuco’s successor. Octavio de Lazari was chosen among the seven vice presidents who had lined up for the appointment.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco
Luiz is a revered leader in the banking sector having worked there for close to five decades. Besides serving as the chairman of Bradesco bank, he also serves as the CEO of Bradesco Previdencia e Seguros, a subsidiary of the Bradesco bank. Luiz has also served in other leadership positions including serving as a management board member of the Arcelor Mittal Brasil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco continues to offer his expertise in various ways in the bank. He also offers his expert opinion on various matters affecting the banking industry. Many newspapers and magazines in Brazil refer to him for his expert opinion.

Source: https://www.istoedinheiro.com.br/bradesco-deve-anunciar-sucessor-de-trabuco-antes-do-carnaval/

Rocketship Education Is Dedicated To Changing And Improving The Educational System With More Demand

Rocketship Education is currently focused on students at the elementary level, teaching students in grades K-5 throughout their public charter schools in California. There has been a lot of talk throughout the educational community that Rocketship would do well to build out into a K-12 system. Rocketship says the idea is appealing for helping their students, but this would create a entirely contained schooling experienced by students going all the way through from K-12. This would create a lower demand for their schooling in the long run, which is opposite of what they are trying to do. John King, former secretary of education, expressed that far too much of the philanthropic efforts around the country are going towards supply, but virtually none working on creating demand. Rocketship Education has many public charter schools throughout California today and they have been steadily building up the number of schools they have each year. They are hoping to expand into new states very soon, bringing their quality educational experience to more students and families around the country that need it. Today, Rocketship Education works mostly with low-income families. This is not out of pure desire, but out of need. Rocketship doesn’t deny students a quality education based on their backgrounds or the level of success their family has achieved. They provide quality education for all students and have proved time and again that learning and potential are not determined by where a child comes from. At Rocketship Education, students have all aspects of their learning experience tuned up to help them improve to their highest level possible. Rocketship Education advocates regularly for parents to be involved with their learning, as it improves the quality of their education. As of late, Rocketship is trying to make parents aware that growth scores are important, not only for determining a student’s grade level but on how to improve it at a faster rate or a rate required to help any students that have fallen behind.

Betsy DeVos-on topic article

Betsy DeVos has always been a reformer. Years before she married her husband, Dick DeVos, she was determined to change the world. The young Elizabeth Prince, on vacation in college more than 30 years, became involved with politics. That thirst for helping people through politics has never changed. DeVos has found other ways to assist people she doesn’t know, through business and education. Now as education secretary, she is taking charge and positively changing lives.


DeVos has been a Leader for the School Voucher Program.

It’s been more than 25 years since the first school choice program began in the United States. School vouchers, also called school choice, is a publicly funded program to assist children stuck in poorly performing school transfer to a private school.

DeVos has never been so optimistic about the school voucher program gaining more success. As of 2017, approximately 250,000 students participated in the program. As of 2017, about 33 publicly funded, private school choice programs were in 17 states and the District of Columbia.

DeVos has always championed for school vouchers. According to DeVos, there was not one specific thing that led her to support school vouchers but may things. When the school voucher concept became well-known, she and her husband had children in school. They visited the Potter’s House Christian School, which for more than 30 years had helping low-income children. While there, DeVos met many parents trying to better their children’s education in a poor learning environment.

DeVos was Determined not to Let any Child be Deprived of an Education Income Status. After they left the Potter’s House Christian School, Devos and her husband tried repeatedly to come up with something to help both the parents and children. According to DeVos, she and her husband could pick the school they wanted, why couldn’t a parent who was low-income?

For DeVos and her husband, the way they could help was simple. In 1990, Dick DeVos ran and won election for Michigan’s State Board of Education. She started a foundation that gave low-income families scholarships to go to private schools of their choice.

She felt great helping Michigan students get the education they need via the scholarship program. However, it wasn’t enough for DeVos. She knew that her foundation wasn’t addressing the real problem: lack of access to education for low income students.


DeVos Met the Challenge of Bring Better Education to Low-Income Children.

During the 1990s, she worked on two national boards, the American Education Reform Council and Children First Charities. Both of the national boards had one goal: expand education choice for low-income student via tax credits and vouchers. She did not stop there. She became a believer in charter schools too. In 1993, she and her husband became involved in politically fighting for a Michigan charter-school bill. About seven years later, they tried, unsuccessfully to the state’s constitution to allow tax credit vouchers or scholarships for low-income children.

Successes and failures have never stopped DeVos. She is committed to providing great education to everyone.


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Todd Lubar’s Real Estate Dreams

Todd Lubar, an intelligent and talented businessman in the Potomac area has dreams of home ownership for everyone. This is more than dreams. As president of TDL Global Ventures LLC., Lubar streamlines processes to expedite task completion.

Mortgage business insurance and finance played a part of his

early career. Since 1995, Mr. Lubar has been involved with mortgage companies and finances. Todd Lubar has developed business relationships with builders, CPAs, bankers and mortgage companies which provide him with an excellent source of high quality connections. He created avenues of access for people who might otherwise be overlooked in the real estate market.

By streamlining his business and his teams, Todd has been able to grow his company, TDL Global Ventures,LLC, a residential development company. He has served many individuals and companies with the processes of purchasing, rehabilitating, selling and profiting from their efforts. More than 200 transactions have been not only single family homes but also multi-family properties with twenty units.

An entrepreneur since his childhood, selling lemonade on the corner, Todd’s various ventures, from real estate to scrap metal, or hot chocolate have been successful. He mentioned that when faced with a stressful day, he chooses to colorful and casual attire. Check out their website toddlubar.com

Lubar’s ability to achieve quality products in a timely manner has built a superb reputation in the business world. Building on teamwork and an open-door management policy have helped him motivate his teams.

His skills and personal style have drawn other businesses to seek his assistance and guidance. Through all of these varied relationships, his line of credit with bankers is as much as twenty million dollars. Check out baltimorepostexaminer

After observing the market for more than 12 years, Todd noticed a particular niche of underserved clients. Forming an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC, he created a commercial lending venue, Legendary Financial LLC to serve these businesses and individuals. He analyzes loan scenario risks adeptly and makes decisions based upon market conditions.

Todd Lubar enjoys spending time with his two children and participating in their various athletic pursuits. They live in Bethesda, Maryland. You can follow their Instagram page.

Mike Baur Works Hard To Build His Switzerland Startups

Mike Baur spent nearly 20 years within the Swiss Private Banking sector. He eventually made his way up to the commercial apprentice with UBS as an executive board member within the Swiss Banking forum. At the age of 39, in the year 2014, Mike had started out on his entrepreneurial journey. It was then that he started to found his company.


The business that Mike created, Think Reloaded, it is an advisory boutique for those of wealthy families and wealthy individuals. Because Mike has always been involved within the banking committee, it made sense that he would create a startup in Switzerland.


Mike was then featured in the Wall Street Journal where he was spoken about early on in his career. He spends a lot of time within the Swiss entrepreneurship programs and supports a variety of Swiss digital startup’s. He is not only a board member but is also an investor. Mike joined a number of friends to form a partnership where they are now the #1 privately financed startup accelerators in Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich, Switzerland.


He holds a MBA which he earned at University of Rochester in New York. He also has his executive MBA which he obtained at the University of Berne.


Mike used the idea of the Swiss Startup Factory and purely privately financed accelerator program from his own experience within the early stage startup sector. After having been involved in the startups, Mike asked himself why should he not come up with an idea to offer a boot camp for teams to help them raise the level of startup stages behind the new businesses. They offer more than just coaching for their startups.


In order for Mike to feel like he has succeeded throughout the day, Mike Baur’s schedule often changes. There are a number of day’s where his schedule changes from hour by hour and because this is the case, Mike uses the business model canvas approach method. He wants to help others to learn what things are absolutely to die for while other customers might find a new idea because the idea they have been pitched is not worth all the effort that goes into creating a number of startups.


When it comes to the one thing within the business world that Mike get’s most excited for, it’s the idea that you can use virtual reality and augmented reality to showcase your business.


Jed McCaleb Discusses His Opinion Regarding Cryptocurrency

Jed McCaleb is one of the earliest pioneers of bitcoin and well known for helping found Stellar. He believes banking will be changed by blockchain. His prediction is a universal payments network. He believes stocks will be digitized and the financial system has not tapped initial coin offerings. He also believes the stock market, fundraising and global payments will be changed in the neat future by this technology.


Jed McCaleb has been involved with some of the largest crypto organizations starting with Mt. Gox. He now holds the position of Stellar’s Chief Technology Officer. He has stated the underlying blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will gain more traction as time passes. He believes there will be a universal payments network using a public ledger. Steller is working on these issues including a transaction settlement requiring just five seconds. IBM is already developing a payment system using Stellar’s network with some of the larger banks.


Jeb McCaleb stated during a period of four years more than $9 billion has been raised through initial coin offering sales. This influx has resulted in the growth of numerous fraudulent fundraisers and caught the regulators attention. The proponents still believe token sales are fundraisings new model. When tokens are purchased it enables the retail investors to buy digital coins to contribute to the project. This means the investors have access to platforms in the future.


Jeb McCaleb believes within ten years all equity will be digitized. He stated decentralized exchanges may be involved because people will be trading so many different things it will be difficult to handle by a centrally controlled exchange. There are already several startups looking for a way to connect the traditional financial markets with the world of digitized tokens.


Jeb McCaleb was the creator of the Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange. He sold the exchange in 2011. In 2014 he became one of the founders of Stellar and is currently the CTO for the company. The XLM coins of Steller are referred to as lumens. Around New Year’s they became the tenth biggest cryptocurrency. Lumens are currently 23.8 cents for the year.

The AvaTrade Review You Have Been Waiting For

Well over a decade after launch, Dublin-based online broker AvaTrade has established a strong footprint on the forex and CFDs markets.


The broker operates from Dublin, Ireland and has a presence in key cities such as Tokyo, Paris, and Sydney among numerous others. AvaTrade trading services are unmatched.


The firm excels in digital assets, stocks, exchange-traded funds, and commodities among others.


The AvaTrade Advantage

The broker enjoys a favorable capital base. This gives the company the flexibility to take on a diverse range of portfolios. It also works to ensure the security of investments.


Similarly, AvaTrade puts a strong focus on client relationships. It provides a broad range of services to meet various client requirements.


For example, you will find a variety of trading platforms to suit your preferences.


Highly resourceful and multilingual customer care experts are on hand to support the platforms round-the-clock. AvaTrade has made it easy to get you started on your way to financial freedom and fortune.


You can practice your skills using a demo account available on their portal. In like manner, you can easily open a standard trading account and start trading in real portfolios.


AvaTrade empowers you with the confidence you need to take awesome trades. Professional traders can enjoy access to multiple trading accounts. The feature offers a host of benefits and advanced client management functionality.


Besides Ireland, the broker is also fully licensed to operate in Australia, Japan, and the British Virgin Islands among others. Japan has some of the strictest regulation with three different organizations supervising the operations of the broker.


With a focus on the future of trading, AvaTrade has been offering crypto trading services for more than five years. Besides bitcoin, the company also provides trading services for numerous other cryptocurrencies. Some of these include Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum among numerous others.

What Does the Oxford Club Offer Through Its Educational Arm Investment U

If you are looking through your retirement plan, you may find that you may need more funds to ensure that you are retiring in a very comfortable situation. Typically, when the bright picture that you see does not match the numbers in front of you, you may need to create a plan that will work for you in the near future. So, for people who want to maximize the amount that they retire on, there are some strategies that can be used to achieve your goals. One of which is to make solid investments that will pay off in the long run. However, if your background does not include a financial investment, you may need to seek out a financial organization like the Oxford Club that can provide you with what you need. Because the Oxford Club has an arm of education that was founded in 1999, they can offer help to those that need it through their own University that is called by the name of Investment U.


What Does Investment U Provide to Investors?

First of all, this university is presently found under the classification as an independent educational branch of the Oxford Club so it supports the strategies and philosophies that this organization believes in. Due to their network of experts in the field that comes from various notable places in the financial world, it is important to note that the information and experience that Investment U imparts to its members has been tested, tried and proven as being great for those who want to retire with a financial edge. So, for anyone who want to make sure that their present retirement portfolio is protected and the possibilities of adding more to it, Investment U is a great training place for getting started and achieving your ultimate goal.


Investment U – Available Online

Another great benefit of attending Investment U is its platform. For those new investors who may not have a lot of free time to attend formal training classes, the information that this University supply is packaged in an online format. Therefore, whenever an individual investor wants to learn more, they will have online access to their videos, seminars, newsletters and a host of other things that can help with keeping them informed.

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