Stream Energy – Money Saving Energy Provider

Throughout the day, most people have at least many devices in their homes or apartments plugged in and don’t even realize the electricity being used.


They leave for work during the day not even aware of these devices and the power they are draining behind the scene. When the electric bill arrives each month, sometimes the cost of it completely throws the owner into a state of shock.


These devices are using power even though they are turned off. This is called phantom drain and it applies to many, not all, electronic devices and electrical appliances that can be in standby mode but still using power throughout the day.


Usually, these devices are separately plugged into outlets throughout the home. After a period of time, this phantom drain can add up and increase your electric bill by an alarming amount. A simple solution is to group the devices to power strips that can be shut down when not in use.


Stream Energy provides two weekly monitoring tools “Your Weekly Energy Report” via email and for Texas residents “Smart Meter Texas”. Using these tools and reviewing the information they provide can help keep energy bills at a reasonable amount.


Stream Energy, founded in 2004 in Dallas, Texas, is a leader in the energy industry operating in Texas, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Illinois. In addition to the Energy division, Stream also has evolved and offers connected services nationwide. These include wireless, home, and protective services.

The energy service division provides a variety of options for electricity, gas and other tools for its customers based on their lifestyles, budget, and needs.


Customers can have nationwide coverage with their wireless services provided by Stream Wireless. Various plans and prices with 4G LTE network are available.


Peace of mind with Stream Protective Services is now offered. Choices include Identity Theft Protection, Roadside Service, Credit Monitoring, and Tech Support (LinkedIn). Each of these has plans suitable for the customer’s budgets and needs.


Stream Home services offer Digital Voice and Smart 30 Thermostat Plan. Both of these provide tools that can help homeowners stay electronically connected to their homes.

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