Rocketship Education Is Dedicated To Changing And Improving The Educational System With More Demand

Rocketship Education is currently focused on students at the elementary level, teaching students in grades K-5 throughout their public charter schools in California. There has been a lot of talk throughout the educational community that Rocketship would do well to build out into a K-12 system. Rocketship says the idea is appealing for helping their students, but this would create a entirely contained schooling experienced by students going all the way through from K-12. This would create a lower demand for their schooling in the long run, which is opposite of what they are trying to do. John King, former secretary of education, expressed that far too much of the philanthropic efforts around the country are going towards supply, but virtually none working on creating demand. Rocketship Education has many public charter schools throughout California today and they have been steadily building up the number of schools they have each year. They are hoping to expand into new states very soon, bringing their quality educational experience to more students and families around the country that need it. Today, Rocketship Education works mostly with low-income families. This is not out of pure desire, but out of need. Rocketship doesn’t deny students a quality education based on their backgrounds or the level of success their family has achieved. They provide quality education for all students and have proved time and again that learning and potential are not determined by where a child comes from. At Rocketship Education, students have all aspects of their learning experience tuned up to help them improve to their highest level possible. Rocketship Education advocates regularly for parents to be involved with their learning, as it improves the quality of their education. As of late, Rocketship is trying to make parents aware that growth scores are important, not only for determining a student’s grade level but on how to improve it at a faster rate or a rate required to help any students that have fallen behind.