Marathon Pharma Seeks To Serve Those Most In Need

For most pharmaceutical companies, the bottom line is everything. Their sole motivation is profit and as a result, they concentrate on mass-producing cheap medicines in the highest quantities that they can. In other words, they concentrate on quantity rather than quality. One company that has decided to buck this trend is Chicago-based Marathon Pharmaceuticals.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals has based its business model on catering to those with uncommon or unique needs. When a person has a rare disease or any other uncommon affliction, their treatment options are normally quite limited. Too often, they have to go with a treatment option that they don’t particularly like because there is just no other way. Marathon has chosen to concentrate on quality over quantity by producing medicines that are normally very expensive and difficult to produce. While they cannot compete with the financial numbers associated with larger companies, it is safe to say that those afflicted with rare diseases are quite appreciative that there is at least one company working to meet their needs.


Marathon is also very much involved with medical research. For a company that focuses on rare and uncommon maladies, it is only natural that they would be highly engaged in the search for new and better medicines. They have recently opened up a new bioscience center in Chicago, which is named for the company. The facility has been staffed with the most competent professionals available, and between them they have an impressive range of experience. They use their extensive education and experience to work on new therapies and medicines for the treatment of many diseases including cancer, endocrine deficiencies, gastrointestinal diseases, movement disorders and maladies of the central nervous system.


This research has certainly not been without its fruits. One of these is a new type of lidocaine-based anesthetic. Unlike most anesthetics, this substance is not used as much for surgery as for routing blood draws. The product is mainly intended for children who need to have blood drawn regularly. The anesthetic is applied to the injection spot before the needle is administered. This is just one example of the good work that these fine people are doing to produce the next generation of medicines.


Jeffrey Aronin Promoting Bio-Pharmaceutical Innovation Through Paragon Biosciences

Jeffrey Aronin, recently recognized as one of the 2018’s 20 most influential leaders in healthcare by Insights Care magazine for his companies innovation and leadership in the bioscience field, is both the CEO and founder of Paragon Biosciences, LLC. Paragon Biosciences, LLC, based out of Chicago Illinois, is an organization dedicated to bettering the lives and conditions of its patients suffering from debilitating diseases as well as promoting innovation in biosciences by investing in high growth biotechnology companies. Since the month of October in 2017 Paragon Biosciences has invested upwards of $450 million dollars into creating new high growth bio-pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical compounds with the intent to develop innovative treatments and plan to throughout the next 12 months invest more than $445 million more dollars to this cause. Jeffrey Aronin has brought Paragon Biosciences to the top of the biotechnology industry by bringing medicine and treatment from biotechnology companies to the public market for those in desperate need. Another focus of Paragon Biosciences is to address the needs of those dealing with severe conditions and those with a high need for medical attention through innovative therapies many larger pharmaceutical companies may not address. Jeffrey Aronin in the past 10 years, through his pharmaceutical companies, has received more NDA and FDA approvals than even the largest pharmaceutical companies in the entire world. He believes that, though tough at times, they’ve earned multiple FDA approvals by putting the needs of individual patients first and that the drugs he and the companies have brought to the public market are significantly improving or saving the lives of patients. Jeffrey Aronin is passionate about his work and the physicians and patients whose stories he’s heard upon meeting them from providing much needed life altering drugs. The success of Paragon Biosciences and Jeffrey Aronin can be attributed to his exceptional leadership skills and the committed team of employees, some of which have been working with Aronin for over 15 years, dedicated to treating unaddressed severe medical conditions.