Jeffrey Aronin Promoting Bio-Pharmaceutical Innovation Through Paragon Biosciences

Jeffrey Aronin, recently recognized as one of the 2018’s 20 most influential leaders in healthcare by Insights Care magazine for his companies innovation and leadership in the bioscience field, is both the CEO and founder of Paragon Biosciences, LLC. Paragon Biosciences, LLC, based out of Chicago Illinois, is an organization dedicated to bettering the lives and conditions of its patients suffering from debilitating diseases as well as promoting innovation in biosciences by investing in high growth biotechnology companies. Since the month of October in 2017 Paragon Biosciences has invested upwards of $450 million dollars into creating new high growth bio-pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical compounds with the intent to develop innovative treatments and plan to throughout the next 12 months invest more than $445 million more dollars to this cause. Jeffrey Aronin has brought Paragon Biosciences to the top of the biotechnology industry by bringing medicine and treatment from biotechnology companies to the public market for those in desperate need. Another focus of Paragon Biosciences is to address the needs of those dealing with severe conditions and those with a high need for medical attention through innovative therapies many larger pharmaceutical companies may not address. Jeffrey Aronin in the past 10 years, through his pharmaceutical companies, has received more NDA and FDA approvals than even the largest pharmaceutical companies in the entire world. He believes that, though tough at times, they’ve earned multiple FDA approvals by putting the needs of individual patients first and that the drugs he and the companies have brought to the public market are significantly improving or saving the lives of patients. Jeffrey Aronin is passionate about his work and the physicians and patients whose stories he’s heard upon meeting them from providing much needed life altering drugs. The success of Paragon Biosciences and Jeffrey Aronin can be attributed to his exceptional leadership skills and the committed team of employees, some of which have been working with Aronin for over 15 years, dedicated to treating unaddressed severe medical conditions.

Easing Arthritic Pain According to the Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis is not a single debilitating disease. It is over 100 different forms of the disease. They all have similar symptoms. Joint pain and swelling is a consistent complaint about all sufferers of arthritis. According to statistical research and the Osteo Relief Institute, arthritis affects so many people that it is the primary cause of disability in America.

The three most prominent forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. Of these three, osteoarthritis I the most common. It can be the result of trauma to the joint, infection of the joint, or age. Usually, when it’s the result of age, it destroys the soft tissue in the joints causing the bones to rub together, which causes great pain, as well as stiffness and swelling. If the person suffering from osteoarthritis stops moving, additional damage result from not moving. The Osteo Relief Institute wants its patients to move. This reduces the stiffness and lessens the chance of developing muscle atrophy.


The Osteo Relief Institute encourages lifestyle changes to ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Lose weight if you are heavier than recommended for your height and bone structure. When you’re lighter, there is less stress on your joints. Stop smoking. Smoking causes a lot of problems, but most importantly for the osteoarthritis sufferer, it cause connective tissue damage. Essentially, your joints are being destroyed a little every time you smoke.


Exercise and stretching are the other things the Osteo Relief Institute wants their patients to do regularly ( This might seem counterintuitive, but movement helps. Initially, it might hurt, but as you continue moving, the stiffness eases. Perform non-stressful exercises and stretch each night so that when you awaken you’ll feel less stiffness. Make regular intervals of movement a lifestyle goal. Don’t stay in one position for longer than thirty minutes to an hour.


The Osteo Relief Institute names effective medications and physical therapy for effectively treating the symptoms of arthritis (LongIslandOsteoRelief). The Osteo Relief Institute will pair you with an orthopedic specialist. The will find and prescribe the best combination of medications, therapy, surgery and lifestyle changes.



  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)
  • Acetaminophen
  • Topical analgesics


Surgical Procedures:

  • Minimally Invasive Joint Repair
  • Joint Fusion
  • Joint Replacement


Your orthopedic specialist can pair you with a well-trained physical therapy professional, who will teach you movements and show you how to adjust the way your body moves so you can increase your mobility and lessen your pain.

How Dr. Mark Holterman Has Shaped Various Aspects in Health Care

The contribution of Dr. Mark Holterman in the medical sector has been phenomenal. Improving healthcare systems across the world has been his main preoccupation. For the last five years, he has been serving in different capacities. For instance, he has been acting as the professor of surgery at the University of Illinois. At the same time, he is also the CEO of Mariam Global health. For quite some time, he has been helping IPSAC-VN to reach its goal. The organization aims at enhancing pediatric medicine in Vietnam.


The organization has been playing various roles recently. For instance, it has been tasked with providing medical personnel in Vietnam. The organization has also been tasked with providing medical supplies to various hospitals in Vietnam. Dr. Mark Holterman has also helped in the establishment of an international scholar program. The program is mainly constituted of medical professionals. The main aim of the program is to provide more opportunities for such professionals. For quite some time, the program has been offering scholarships to various people to further their education in the United States. However, to be offered a scholarship at the organization, a person has to demonstrate that he is committed to the development of health care.


To enhance his knowledge in the medical sector, he has joined various professional organizations. For instance, he is a member of Academy of Pediatrics. He is also a member of the college of surgeons. His main focus has been in pediatric surgery. However, he has also participated in researching various issues. For instance, he has made some major contribution in the field of regenerative medicine. It is also important to note that he has been committed to the development of stem cell therapies. Such therapies have been shown to have a huge potential in the treatment of some major conditions in children. His work has also helped in the development of various cancer treatments.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s education background has gone a long way in influencing his current career path (WeeklyOpinion). In this regard, he attended the University of Virginia where he attained a degree in medicine and immunology. It is also important to note that he attended Yale University, where he pursued Bachelor of Arts.

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