Penelope Kokkinides Articulates the Healthcare Crisis in Puerto Rico

Penelope Kokkinides is a business leader in the healthcare field and is currently the Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare, Inc. Before rejoining the company in 2015 June, Penelope served as its Chief Operating Officer and the Deputy President in charge of Clinical Operations. Penelope has over two decades experience in the healthcare sector specializing in managed care industry and government healthcare programs. She is an expert in developing clinical operation programs and the management of healthcare processes with the aim of improving the infrastructure and smoothen the field`s operations.


Penelope holds a Bachelor`s degree in classical languages and biological science from the University of Binghamton. She also has a Master’s Degree from Columbia University, specializing in public health, another one in Social work from the New York University and a post Master’s program in drug and substance. Before her current appointment at Innovacare, Miss Kokkinides worked as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President at Center light healthcare, and Corporate Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Healthcare. In both capacities, Penelope was responsible for the overall management, the development, and implementation of the company`s health models.


Just recently, Penelope was among eight women from caregiver organizations, invited by President Donald Trump at White House to discuss matters of health care. Penelope was privileged to address the attendants and took the chance to discuss the importance of having a more effective healthcare system in Puerto Rico. She noted the advantages that come with sufficient funding from the government and pointed out the drastic reduction in the government funding since 2011.


According to her, government funding has dropped by $1billlion and is deteriorating every day. She went ahead to highlight the health challenges the people of Puerto Rico are facing, and if the government didn’t chip in immediately and provide enough funding, the residents would be staring at a severe health crisis. The crisis would result in a massive migration of Puerto Rico`s residents from the island to the state, where the cost of medication is triple that of the island, hence affecting the residents.


On his part, Donald Trump commended the healthcare professionals, doctors, and nurses present since the forum brought together women who understood the healthcare sector in the states. He appreciated the efforts they made in articulating the issues affecting healthcare in Puerto Rico and ascertained the government`s support in reviving the industry. The meeting`s discussions were recently publicized, and observers noted the planned adjustments by the CMS in Puerto Rico`s healthcare system.