The Wen Shampoo and Conditioner in Action

Emily McClure writes an article for Bustle as to how Wen shampoo/conditioner works on her hair. She has medium, fine hair to begin with and chooses the shampoo/conditioner with Fig, for thick hair. She wanted the extra moisture. She begins her experiment with greasy, dirty hair. She is surprised by how much product is recommended for each use and uses the minimal amount. After a blow dry, her hair turns out shiny with more bounce. The following morning, however, her hair is uncharacteristically greasy at the root.

That night she washes her hair, and again, loves the shine afterwards. The following morning, to her distaste, her hair is again greasy at the root. One more night she attempts to wash her hair at night, with very similar results in the morning. On day four she doesn’t have time to wash her hair, and even with a dry shampoo, her hair is a greasy disaster.

She finally decides to wash and style her hair in the morning of day’s five, six, and seven. She loves the results, but still complains of her curls falling out too fast. She claims her hair is just too soft to hold a curl. Her conclusion of the Wen hair product, is that she enjoys the shine and bounce, but she has to wash her hair in the morning to benefit from the results.

Dean Chaz, the creator of Wen, has his own salon in Los Angeles, California, where he serves a celebrity clientele. He started out as an apprentice and eventually bought the salon. Chaz came up with the idea for Wen through a passion for health and beauty. His first product was the shampoo/conditioner, and it became so popular he created more products to choose from. He sells his products exclusively on QVC and Guthy-Renker. Wen now includes treatments and styling products for the hair.


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