Igor Cornelsen: Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen is known as an adviser and manager with an extensive range of experiences in the field of investment banking. He was born in Brazil in 1947, and he began his career at the Federal University of Parana while pursuing a degree in engineering. However, he changed his course of studies in order to focus on economics, and that decision shaped many future events in his life. Once he completed his undergraduate degree in economics, he was primed to acquire a position in the field of investment banking. He began working at Multibanco after graduating, and he also worked at Unibanco. His work in management gave him insights into the patterns and behaviors related to stock performance, so his views on investing in company stocks are directly related. These positions also gave him the foothold he needed to eventually master the skills that would lead him into the world of entrepreneurship.

Igor Cornelsen, Advice for Investing

Mr. Cornelsen is comfortable speaking publicly about his views on investment strategies as well as other related topics, and he offers support and encouragement to managers who are new to these types of markets. His views on China and Brazil are favorable for investors who are looking for opportunities to participate in emerging markets. The differences in the investment environment in Brazil can make clients hesitate before proceeding with their activities in the country, and this is a critical area of focus for Mr. Igor Cornelsen. He is well-versed in the markets and currency exchange rate conditions of multiple countries, and he has a knack for sensing critical changes in the market in advance of other investors. This is a part of his competitive edge, but he also backs up his investment advice with a detailed analysis. This includes following through on his previous advice in regards to specific investments. For example, he was adamant that the Euro would persist in the absence of another competitive currency with international recognition. After the recession that shook the European economy, his views seemed to hold. Over time, his views were validated by the returning stability of the Euro and its increase in strength relative to the US and British currencies.

His work in the financial sector includes strategies for investors who are interested in generating passive income. He remains confident that Brazil offers reliable investment opportunities in spite of the recession that occurred during 2016. The need to generate additional income is obvious to many people in his audience who have direct experience in working several jobs just to cover basic living expenses. The concept of passive income appeals to this audience because it offers people a way to generate money regardless of their direct involvement in the activity. This also means that the investor will not have to work nonstop in order to maintain the stream of passive income. Setting up the investment can seem complicated to investors who are new to this area of the market, and this is where the advice of Igor Cornelsen really shines.

History as an Investor

Personal experience as an investor is essential for providing meaningful insights on the topic, according to Igor Cornelsen. He combines his expertise as a researcher with meaningful activities that prove his theories in the real market. By taking his own investment advice, he is able to speak credibly to audiences that do not have his education or expertise in the financial sector. One of the main areas of focus for his clients is the source of the investment advice. According to Mr. Cornelsen, the quality of the investment information is as critical as any other factor. If data relating to economic activity is coming from a source that lacks credibility, mistakes can easily be made. The available literature can be difficult to parse for new investors who are bombarded with data and other economic information from a variety of sources. One of the key investment strategies he speaks about relates to the way this information is obtained and analyzed.

Education and Training

Igor Cornelsen was originally interested in the field of engineering, and his acceptance into the Federal University of Parana‚Äôs competitive engineering program represented a major achievement. After completing his education in 1970, he accepted an offer to work as an investment banker in Rio de Janeiro. Only four years later, he was rewarded for his hard work and dedication with a position as the bank’s newly appointed CEO. During a seven-year period, he served with distinction on the board of directors for the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank in Brazil. His work as an investment manager gave him the experiences that would later become invaluable as he started his own firm. He accomplished this goal using the insights that come only from daily exposure to the same issues that concern investors.