Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters

The day when sleep apnea is cured through dentistry, is the day we must rejoice! Dr. Weisfogel, an innovative and determined dentist, is the founder of a very successful medical program called, Dental Sleep Masters. Through this program, patients are provided various options of sleep apnea applications – from oral therapy to sleep wear – in order to specifically and effectively cure their unique cause of sleep apnea. Although it took Dr. Weisfogel some tough time to get the program going, it has been a sheer reward for the Dr. and patients are completely satisfied with the results provided.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is a form of troubled sleeping. While sleeping, your fluent flow of breathing is paused throughout, maybe for 2 seconds or even as extreme as 1-minute. Many, when catching their breath again, choke extensively, causing them to awake. This form of troubled sleeping is very common amongst those who are over weight due to excessive fat impeding their airways.

Who is Dr. Weisfogel?

Besides being known for providing the most effective sleep apnea treatments through dentistry, Weisfogel graduated from the University of Rutger, where he would earn his bachelor’s in Biology and Psychology. Later, he would then head to New York University, where he would then earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery credential.

​From that point onward, Dr. Weisfogel would pursue his own dental practice called Old Bridge Dental Care. He would win the best dentist award two years in a row! Working in the field of medicine for over 20 years now, his passion for assisting those with sleeping disorders has helped carry him to this point in his career and is the foundation on which Dental Sleep Master’s was built.

About Dental Sleep Masters

Dr. Weisfogel experienced many challenges throughout the duration of making Dental Sleep Masters a success. In the beginning, dentists were skeptical on trying his sleep apnea methods on patients and for 10 years he was left striving for business referrals, but through trials and tribulations, he finally broke the plane and his methods were happily considered and applied.

In this program, he would develop various specific sleep apnea applications for the many causes of the disorder. Whether caused by tongue flapping or swollen tonsils, Dental Sleep Masters has a viable plan. Whether through oral applications for jaw positioning or sleep wear for specific breathing obstruction prevention, methods were tailored accordingly to patient’s preferences and requirements.

Thanks to Dr. Weisfogel, Dental Sleep Masters is a thing. With his perseverance through difficult instances, brought about a highly adaptable and effective cure, through dentistry, for the very scary disorder, sleep apnea. He is a pioneer, an influence and medical genius. He is not only noted for his dentistry heroics, but for his willingness to donate to various charities as well! What is next for Dr. Weisfogel?