Sam Boraie Development LLC – One of the Major Real Estate Firms in New Brunswick, Headed by Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is one of the prominent figures in the New Brunswick city and has helped tremendously in transforming the city into a major social and economic hub in the state by undertaking major infrastructure development projects over the past four decades. From the very beginning, Omar Boraie believed in the hidden potential of New Brunswick City, and even though many criticized him for taking on the main residential and commercial projects in the city, he continued with developing the regions through landmark real estate projects.

One of the major projects that his firm, Boraie Development LLC, has developed is The Aspire, which is a high-rise luxurious residential building aimed at urban buyers. Omar Boraie has envisioned of a high-rise luxurious residential building such as the ones found in New York City for years, and with The Aspire, his dream has finally become a reality. Omar Boraie admits that many people in the New Brunswick never believed that project such as The Aspire was possible in the city, but he finally made it happen. Omar Boraie recalls that when he first came to New Brunswick, the whole town used to get deserted after 4 PM, as people left the area after work. People were scared to roam around in the evening, and there were hardly any points of recreation in the area. You can visit Bloomberg to know more about the company.

However, he took up the challenge to change the face of New Brunswick, and around four decades later, he has seen for real what he always believed in. Omar Boraie serves as the President of Boraie Development LLC, and the firm has played a significant role in the region’s development. The real estate development company of Omar Boraie has constructed many commercial as well as residential buildings in the area and helped change the image of the area. It is because of this transformation, many professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, and so on, have relocated in New Brunswick. It is the information taken from one of the blogs named “The Vision of Omar Boraie” published on Central Jersey Working Moms.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar Boraie now has an excellent office in the central area of New Brunswick and has a lovely view of the city he helped develop tremendously. One of the first projects he undertook in New Brunswick was taking over 21 abandoned buildings in the region and transforming it into a commercial center, which currently houses many national and international companies.

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