Badminton Talent Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a Jamaican badminton player that has become well known for his skills in the game. He has competed in several competitions including the Commonwealth Games and the Pan American Games. Gareth Henry was also a member of the Jamaican men’s team that won the Pan Am Men’s Championship in 2018. In addition to winning as a team, he did very well in the partner competitions. Gareth Henry and his partner Samuel O’Brien Ricketts came in first place at the men’s double in the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2018. Gareth Henry is not the only person in his family that is a talented badminton player. His sister Geordine Henry also plays badminton at the professional level. The brother-sister team even played as a pair. They won the mixed doubles title a total of six times at the Jamaican National Badminton Championships.

In addition to being one of the most popular badminton players from Jamaica, Gareth Henry is also one of the youngest players to be involved in this sport at a professional level. When he was 15 years old, Gareth was able to go up against players that are much older than he was. He thinks that challenging older players gave him the confidence he needed and helped improve his skills as well. He is looking to help young people get involved in badminton and reach the top of their game.

Gareth is helping the Jamaica Badminton Association promote this sport in the inner cities in Jamaica. Gareth has seen some great up and coming players in the inner cities and would like to give them a chance to show off their skills. He is also looking to playing against some of the younger players to help them develop their talent and build up their skills. Gareth would like to show these players some moves and help them become well-rounded badminton players.