Todd Levine: What it Takes to Get A Good Commercial Litigator

In law, when a serious issue such as a dispute arises, it’s essential to get the right person to handle it. Prejudicial documentation isn’t created therefore an objective assessment of the dispute should be presented to the senior management. The in-house function, in this case, will be called upon to contribute to the development of the situation. The litigator in charge of the lawsuit should be mindful and experienced. They should also be able to study the case through a short conversation to determine the merits of the case. As Todd Levine illustrates, it’s vital to create essential strategies that can help the client to win their case.

Todd Levine who is an experienced commercial litigator has an extensive background in serving in the commercial real estate sector. He is one of the founding members of Kluger, Kaplan, and Levine, P.L. in Florida. He has a strong background and skills in handling complex commercial disputes from clients in various industries such as sports and entertainment. Todd Levine works with various individuals in the property market industry, including property buyers as well as sellers, investors, and contractors. He handled lawsuits in financial investment partnerships too.

Todd Levine has a different approach in handling commercial disputes. He focuses on creating an independent tool with his customer’s objectives in mind. He also combines his passion for art and music as well as science to incorporate his analytical skills in solving cases. This could involve developing a legal argument to offer clarity on a complex dispute that requires involving strategies. After graduating from the prestigious University of Florida, Todd Levine started practicing law in various firms. He also wrote a lot of articles and created many publications that won him many awards.

Being the founding member of the Kluger, Katzen and Levine law firm, Todd Levine has progressively immersed himself in achieving his client’s goals and finding viable solutions to their cases. His clients are often surprised to learn about his passion for art and music. Although he’s a lawyer, Todd Levine spends most of his time in mediation and arbitration.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Creative Process as Brand Manager at Matrix DMI

Dan Bethelmy-Rada journey in the corporate world has been a journey to defile some corporate misconceptions about age and efficiency. For the last three years, he has been one of the most successful managers in the competitive world of beauty products. Fashion and beauty products present managements around the world with a different set of challenges such as competitive innovations, trends and more importantly shifting customer preferences. Dan Bethelmy has however operated through all these challenges to make L’Oreal Professional the reference point in the world of beauty and beauty products. The following are his tips on how he has managed to cut a niche for himself in beauty products world.

First, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a product of extensive traveling. He, therefore, understands different markets regarding preference. This knowledge has been important in his policies implementation. He points that his global exposure has taught him that the concept of universal beauty does not exist. This understanding according to him has made his approach to each beauty product with a lot of customization and realization that customers prefer customized beauty products. This approach has not watered down the company’s identity and authenticity in its products. He points out that learning in this industry is a continuous process and he is always learning about new the market.

Apart from being keen on understanding what the beauty customers’ needs from products, Dan Bethelmy-Rada points out that hard working and productivity in this industry is irreplaceable. In one of his recent interviews, he outlined his daily routine. Although he does not have similar working days, Bethelmy’s schedules reflect his work in the company. Regardless of his schedule, he loves to bring the best, whether he is in the designing process or whether it is general company operations. This strict adherence to the company’s vision has always made him productive and consistent in his mandate as a brand manager.

Since L’Oreal Professional is synonymous with ‘outside thinking,’ Bethelmy loves to stay motivated. Over the years, he has used photography as his main inspiration on top of keeping in touch with the industry influencers and major fashion players. He points out that all these interactions have shaped his view and his creative process.

OSI Food Solutions Continues to Maintain Food Sustainablilty

OSI Food Solutions was created in 1909 as a family owned meat and butcher shop in Aurora, Illinois. They currently operate sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries. They and are one of the largest privately held food processing companies in the world with 6.1 billion in annual revenue. OSI Food Solutions recently purchased a former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for $7.4 million. The facility is 200,00 square feet and is located close to OSI’s other Chicago facilities. This facility will help enhance the capabilities of the company to meet the needs of their consumers.

OSI Food Solutions recently acquired Flagship Europe, which supplies frozen poultry, pies, mayonnaise, and dressing to the European market. This will add more customers, more products, and larger presence to the European market. OSI also acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch company specializing in meat processing and deli meat. Baho Foods has five subsidiaries and has been in business for sixty years. In an effort to keep up with food production, OSI Food Solutions has doubled its chicken production capacity at a plant in Toledo, Spain. The need for chicken in Spain has increased 8% over the last three years.

A high-capacity production line was added to increase volume from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons of chicken annually. This brings the total production of the plant to 45,000 tons of chicken, beef, and pork a year. The upgrade included a 22,600 square foot building addition and twenty new employees. OSI Food Solutions was awarded the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council in 2016. This award was given at Draper Hall in London for excellence in environmental management. To qualify for the award, a company must receive five stars in the British Safety Councils environmental management audit. OSI will continue to expand its products and production capabilities to keep up with food demand.