Steve Ritchie Takes CEO Position After Two Decades With Company

There are few people in the United States that have not heard of Papa Johns, one of the most popular pizza restaurant chains in the entire world. In recent years, they have been in somewhat of a slump. Things did not get better when a former executive pushed Pap Johns into a tight spot with their customers. Following this formers executive’s leave, Steve Ritchie has been made the new Chief Executive Officer for Papa Johns. His mission is the same as any other CEO’s, except he has the added task of bringing customers back to Papa Johns and overcoming the negative press. Luckily for Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie has been with the company for more than 20 years and he is the perfect man for the job.

Steve Ritchie is currently on a journey to get the feedback of many Papa Johns employees all over the country. So far, Steve has already passed through many cities, including Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, and there are many more to come on his path to providing employees with a voice. The backbone of the Papa Johns franchise is the thousands of employees all over the world doing their part to make great pizza and to serve customers. This is why Steve believes it is a critical step on the road to redeeming the company because it will help them strengthen themselves from their very foundation.

The very first move that Steve made when he took over as the CEO for Papa Johns was to issue an apology. Instead of providing a standard apology that most major corporations give out to the general public, Steve Ritchie wrote an apology himself that was heartfelt and to everyone who expected more from the company, himself included. As a well-respected individual from the Papa Johns franchise, this was an excellent first move by Steve Ritchie and it showed his leadership qualities and his emotional intelligence.

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