Drew Madden

Drew Madden’s Analysis of the U.S. Healthcare Industry

Issues that are currently affecting the Healthcare Industry

There have been numerous significant developments in the American healthcare industry but two of them have been given an extensive media coverage. The first development is the announcement that CVS was making plans to acquire the healthcare insurance giant Aetna. Drew believes that the move by CVS to venture into the healthcare insurance industry is driven by its desire to suppress the competition in the industry. Clearly, CVS is concerned about the future barriers that they could face in their line of business. Venturing into healthcare insurance, therefore, appears to be an enticing idea for the company.

Drew Madden also discusses the other major issue in the American healthcare industry; the decision of the online retailer Amazon to venture into the pharmaceutical business. The information about Amazon’s plans to venture into online retail of drugs and other pharmaceutical products comes in the wake of an impending launch of the company’s online pharmacy. It has been reported that Amazon has successfully acquired operational licenses in numerous states across the country and it is only a matter of time before the company’s clients can order their pharmaceutical products on Amazon.

Drew Madden believes that the two developments could change the nature of the healthcare industry in the country forever.

Who is Drew Madden?

Madden is an IT entrepreneur whose investments are mainly focused in technologies related to healthcare service provision. He attributes his successes to the development of effective work teams and a belief that firms must develop acceptable company cultures that aim at creating reliable and robust client partnerships. With an extensive background in healthcare technology, Madden began his career at Cerner Corporation before joining Ingenix (a subsidiary of United Healthcare Company). From 2010 to 2016, he worked with Nordic Consulting Partners and was the company’s president from 2011 to 2016. As the company’s president, Drew Madden steered it to great heights and enabled it to receive several KLAS awards.

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