Kevin Seawright – Successful Financial Professional

Kevin Seawright is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Mr. Seawright has extensive years of experience in the industry as he has worked in the financial and administrative line of work for over 13 years. His experience has lead him to several different ventures throughout his career such as dealing with government operations, financial private sectors and many other lines of financial business structures. Kevin has also worked in response to many accounting and financial decision that are in relation to payables, receivables, collections and payroll options. He utilizes his technology experience to formulate business strategies that are in line with his organization and economic goals. He has also worked with general contractors and sub-contractors generating processes that work effectively in alignment with corporate revenue planning. His years in the financial industry have lead him to be a Budget Manager, Managing Fiscal Officer, Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer. Kevin currently works in New Jersey and holds a valuable reputation for successfully overseeing administrative operations. View Kevin Seawright’s profile on LinkedIn

Kevin Seawright holds a Master’s degree in accounting from Almeda University. He also attended Mendoza Business University where he received his Executive Leadership Certification. He has worked hard to become one of the top strategists in the industry, and will continue to provide exception advice for many. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation was founded in 2007 and is organized to help grow and attract businesses. They work to help small businesses enhance their business structure into a positive source of transactions.

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