Badminton Talent Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a Jamaican badminton player that has become well known for his skills in the game. He has competed in several competitions including the Commonwealth Games and the Pan American Games. Gareth Henry was also a member of the Jamaican men’s team that won the Pan Am Men’s Championship in 2018. In addition to winning as a team, he did very well in the partner competitions. Gareth Henry and his partner Samuel O’Brien Ricketts came in first place at the men’s double in the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2018. Gareth Henry is not the only person in his family that is a talented badminton player. His sister Geordine Henry also plays badminton at the professional level. The brother-sister team even played as a pair. They won the mixed doubles title a total of six times at the Jamaican National Badminton Championships.

In addition to being one of the most popular badminton players from Jamaica, Gareth Henry is also one of the youngest players to be involved in this sport at a professional level. When he was 15 years old, Gareth was able to go up against players that are much older than he was. He thinks that challenging older players gave him the confidence he needed and helped improve his skills as well. He is looking to help young people get involved in badminton and reach the top of their game.

Gareth is helping the Jamaica Badminton Association promote this sport in the inner cities in Jamaica. Gareth has seen some great up and coming players in the inner cities and would like to give them a chance to show off their skills. He is also looking to playing against some of the younger players to help them develop their talent and build up their skills. Gareth would like to show these players some moves and help them become well-rounded badminton players.

Fortress Investment Group and the many years of excellence

Fortress Investment Group began in 1998 and came from a humble beginning to become a world leader in the investment and asset management. They announced in 2007 in New York when they were making their Initial Public Offer (IPO). Fortress is concerned with mergers and acquisition, operations management, capital markets and investing in assets for various companies and institutions. They diversified their investments and managed to attract thousands of customers. Today they manage assets worth billions of dollars.

Who are the founders of Fortress Investment Group?

For a company to succeed there is the need to come up with the right strategies. That is why the founders have knowledge about the industry. The fortress was started by experts who had been observing the market for many years. They came together with a common goal because they realized would achieve great things if they worked together. Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone wanted to revolutionize the investment sector. They had worked for other financial organizations hence they knew what they needed to do to make their company succeed. The journey started in 1999, and they were ready for the growth of the company. Fortress Investment Group continued to grow, and since then it has achieved a lot.

The company history

Since it was started by able leaders who had a great vision, Fortress Investment Group experienced tremendous growth. It diversified its products by buying several assets in 2007. There was also a big boost when Peter Briger joined the company. He is also an experienced principal, and since he came to Fortress, he has shaped the market. The main reason why Fortress investment has succeeded is that of the excellent leadership and working with the right employees. With the guidance of Wes Edens and Peter Briger, the organization has managed to acquire a broad client base. Peter Briger has years of experience, and in all the companies he has worked for, he managed to help them to make huge profits. That is why he has also brought a lot of experience to Fortress Investment Group.

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OSI Group is an Industry-Leading Food Manufacturer

OSI Group is an industry-leading food manufacturer. The company has been in business for over 100 years and continues to deliver the excellence that it was noted for from the very beginning. OSI Group has its roots in the Chicago area. It began as a family-owned organization that was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. Otto called his company Otto and Sons. They supplied meat to local food businesses. Over the years Otto and Son gained notoriety and became a trusted provider of product.

In the 1950’s Otto and Sons was discovered by McDonald’s Corporation CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was moving his enterprise into the Illinois area and needed a meat supplier. He chose Otto and Sons to be one of several hundred suppliers for his nationwide organization. Otto and Sons stepped up to the challenge and immediately set themselves apart from its contemporaries in the industry. Before long Ray Kroc selected Otto and Sons to be the number one supplier of meat to his organization.

Otto and Sons built a state-of-the-art meat processing plant in order to accommodate the responsibilities of the McDonald’s contract. The facility featured several innovative touches such as the meat patty cutting machine and cryogenic freezing chambers. These were two innovations that catered to the specific needs of the McDonald’s Corporation. They saved the restaurant giant a tremendous amount of man hours. The cryogenic freezing chambers also allowed Otto and Sons to store large amounts of product to supply the massive needs of McDonald’s.

Otto and Sons became known as OSI Group by the 1960’s. The company began making international business transactions outside of its relationship with McDonald’s. It currently has working relationships with other food franchises such as Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Subway. There are 65 facilities operating in 17 countries around the world. OSI Group was ranked as the 58th largest privately owned company in the world by Forbes Magazine.

The Tremendous Growth of OSI Industries to Become a World-Class Food-Provider

OSI Industries is a leading worldwide food provider which started in 1909 as a neighborhood butcher. It has beaten all the odds to emerge among the largest world food companies owing to their innovation strategies, urge to expand and creating world-class food solutions. OSI Industries has employed over 20000 people in their 65 facilities across 17 countries.

How did it start? Well, in 1909, it was started as a butcher by a German Immigrant and it operated by the name Otto & Sons. Their services were outstanding and in 1955, McDonald’s restaurant contracted Otto & Sons to supply them meat. It gained popularity and expanded to West Chicago where they opened a plant, still operating under the name Otto & Sons. They changed their name to OSI Industries in 1975 and by the end of the 1970s, they had opened plants in Germany and Utah as they continued to service McDonalds’ business.

The food provider continued growing bigger as it opened more facilities in Brazil, Spain, Taiwan as well as Austria in the 1980s. Well, their journey has been a magnificent one because in every decade, afterwards, they had expanded to more countries, employed more people, acquired sophisticated facilities and diversified their products and services. Currently, they deal with beef, pork, fish, dough, poultry, vegetables as well as making snack food and condiments. Their food safety standards are so high that they won multiple awards on health and safety standards.

The company advocates the facilities and high quality products to strategic partnerships with clients. They rely on feedback from their customers to ascertain how exactly they are going to improve their products so that there is more customer satisfaction. This is important in understanding the customers’ choices and preferences and adjust accordingly.

Technology, if utilized well, is a cutting edge for any company that is trying to offer best services and products to their customers. They have embraced technology as well as partnering with producers on the ground to ensure food safety and quality.

The same efforts are also directed towards their social responsibility. OSI Industries have recently won several awards for their environment efforts.

Summing up, OSI Industries is a company that embraced technological innovations, best client relations and best growth strategies from the beginning to see it through growth from a mere butcher to a world-class food company.

Drew Madden

Drew Madden’s Analysis of the U.S. Healthcare Industry

Issues that are currently affecting the Healthcare Industry

There have been numerous significant developments in the American healthcare industry but two of them have been given an extensive media coverage. The first development is the announcement that CVS was making plans to acquire the healthcare insurance giant Aetna. Drew believes that the move by CVS to venture into the healthcare insurance industry is driven by its desire to suppress the competition in the industry. Clearly, CVS is concerned about the future barriers that they could face in their line of business. Venturing into healthcare insurance, therefore, appears to be an enticing idea for the company.

Drew Madden also discusses the other major issue in the American healthcare industry; the decision of the online retailer Amazon to venture into the pharmaceutical business. The information about Amazon’s plans to venture into online retail of drugs and other pharmaceutical products comes in the wake of an impending launch of the company’s online pharmacy. It has been reported that Amazon has successfully acquired operational licenses in numerous states across the country and it is only a matter of time before the company’s clients can order their pharmaceutical products on Amazon.

Drew Madden believes that the two developments could change the nature of the healthcare industry in the country forever.

Who is Drew Madden?

Madden is an IT entrepreneur whose investments are mainly focused in technologies related to healthcare service provision. He attributes his successes to the development of effective work teams and a belief that firms must develop acceptable company cultures that aim at creating reliable and robust client partnerships. With an extensive background in healthcare technology, Madden began his career at Cerner Corporation before joining Ingenix (a subsidiary of United Healthcare Company). From 2010 to 2016, he worked with Nordic Consulting Partners and was the company’s president from 2011 to 2016. As the company’s president, Drew Madden steered it to great heights and enabled it to receive several KLAS awards.

Kevin Seawright – Successful Financial Professional

Kevin Seawright is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Mr. Seawright has extensive years of experience in the industry as he has worked in the financial and administrative line of work for over 13 years. His experience has lead him to several different ventures throughout his career such as dealing with government operations, financial private sectors and many other lines of financial business structures. Kevin has also worked in response to many accounting and financial decision that are in relation to payables, receivables, collections and payroll options. He utilizes his technology experience to formulate business strategies that are in line with his organization and economic goals. He has also worked with general contractors and sub-contractors generating processes that work effectively in alignment with corporate revenue planning. His years in the financial industry have lead him to be a Budget Manager, Managing Fiscal Officer, Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer. Kevin currently works in New Jersey and holds a valuable reputation for successfully overseeing administrative operations. View Kevin Seawright’s profile on LinkedIn

Kevin Seawright holds a Master’s degree in accounting from Almeda University. He also attended Mendoza Business University where he received his Executive Leadership Certification. He has worked hard to become one of the top strategists in the industry, and will continue to provide exception advice for many. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation was founded in 2007 and is organized to help grow and attract businesses. They work to help small businesses enhance their business structure into a positive source of transactions.

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Igor Cornelsen: Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen is known as an adviser and manager with an extensive range of experiences in the field of investment banking. He was born in Brazil in 1947, and he began his career at the Federal University of Parana while pursuing a degree in engineering. However, he changed his course of studies in order to focus on economics, and that decision shaped many future events in his life. Once he completed his undergraduate degree in economics, he was primed to acquire a position in the field of investment banking. He began working at Multibanco after graduating, and he also worked at Unibanco. His work in management gave him insights into the patterns and behaviors related to stock performance, so his views on investing in company stocks are directly related. These positions also gave him the foothold he needed to eventually master the skills that would lead him into the world of entrepreneurship.

Igor Cornelsen, Advice for Investing

Mr. Cornelsen is comfortable speaking publicly about his views on investment strategies as well as other related topics, and he offers support and encouragement to managers who are new to these types of markets. His views on China and Brazil are favorable for investors who are looking for opportunities to participate in emerging markets. The differences in the investment environment in Brazil can make clients hesitate before proceeding with their activities in the country, and this is a critical area of focus for Mr. Igor Cornelsen. He is well-versed in the markets and currency exchange rate conditions of multiple countries, and he has a knack for sensing critical changes in the market in advance of other investors. This is a part of his competitive edge, but he also backs up his investment advice with a detailed analysis. This includes following through on his previous advice in regards to specific investments. For example, he was adamant that the Euro would persist in the absence of another competitive currency with international recognition. After the recession that shook the European economy, his views seemed to hold. Over time, his views were validated by the returning stability of the Euro and its increase in strength relative to the US and British currencies.

His work in the financial sector includes strategies for investors who are interested in generating passive income. He remains confident that Brazil offers reliable investment opportunities in spite of the recession that occurred during 2016. The need to generate additional income is obvious to many people in his audience who have direct experience in working several jobs just to cover basic living expenses. The concept of passive income appeals to this audience because it offers people a way to generate money regardless of their direct involvement in the activity. This also means that the investor will not have to work nonstop in order to maintain the stream of passive income. Setting up the investment can seem complicated to investors who are new to this area of the market, and this is where the advice of Igor Cornelsen really shines.

History as an Investor

Personal experience as an investor is essential for providing meaningful insights on the topic, according to Igor Cornelsen. He combines his expertise as a researcher with meaningful activities that prove his theories in the real market. By taking his own investment advice, he is able to speak credibly to audiences that do not have his education or expertise in the financial sector. One of the main areas of focus for his clients is the source of the investment advice. According to Mr. Cornelsen, the quality of the investment information is as critical as any other factor. If data relating to economic activity is coming from a source that lacks credibility, mistakes can easily be made. The available literature can be difficult to parse for new investors who are bombarded with data and other economic information from a variety of sources. One of the key investment strategies he speaks about relates to the way this information is obtained and analyzed.

Education and Training

Igor Cornelsen was originally interested in the field of engineering, and his acceptance into the Federal University of Parana’s competitive engineering program represented a major achievement. After completing his education in 1970, he accepted an offer to work as an investment banker in Rio de Janeiro. Only four years later, he was rewarded for his hard work and dedication with a position as the bank’s newly appointed CEO. During a seven-year period, he served with distinction on the board of directors for the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank in Brazil. His work as an investment manager gave him the experiences that would later become invaluable as he started his own firm. He accomplished this goal using the insights that come only from daily exposure to the same issues that concern investors.