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Betsy DeVos has always been a reformer. Years before she married her husband, Dick DeVos, she was determined to change the world. The young Elizabeth Prince, on vacation in college more than 30 years, became involved with politics. That thirst for helping people through politics has never changed. DeVos has found other ways to assist people she doesn’t know, through business and education. Now as education secretary, she is taking charge and positively changing lives.


DeVos has been a Leader for the School Voucher Program.

It’s been more than 25 years since the first school choice program began in the United States. School vouchers, also called school choice, is a publicly funded program to assist children stuck in poorly performing school transfer to a private school.

DeVos has never been so optimistic about the school voucher program gaining more success. As of 2017, approximately 250,000 students participated in the program. As of 2017, about 33 publicly funded, private school choice programs were in 17 states and the District of Columbia.

DeVos has always championed for school vouchers. According to DeVos, there was not one specific thing that led her to support school vouchers but may things. When the school voucher concept became well-known, she and her husband had children in school. They visited the Potter’s House Christian School, which for more than 30 years had helping low-income children. While there, DeVos met many parents trying to better their children’s education in a poor learning environment.

DeVos was Determined not to Let any Child be Deprived of an Education Income Status. After they left the Potter’s House Christian School, Devos and her husband tried repeatedly to come up with something to help both the parents and children. According to DeVos, she and her husband could pick the school they wanted, why couldn’t a parent who was low-income?

For DeVos and her husband, the way they could help was simple. In 1990, Dick DeVos ran and won election for Michigan’s State Board of Education. She started a foundation that gave low-income families scholarships to go to private schools of their choice.

She felt great helping Michigan students get the education they need via the scholarship program. However, it wasn’t enough for DeVos. She knew that her foundation wasn’t addressing the real problem: lack of access to education for low income students.


DeVos Met the Challenge of Bring Better Education to Low-Income Children.

During the 1990s, she worked on two national boards, the American Education Reform Council and Children First Charities. Both of the national boards had one goal: expand education choice for low-income student via tax credits and vouchers. She did not stop there. She became a believer in charter schools too. In 1993, she and her husband became involved in politically fighting for a Michigan charter-school bill. About seven years later, they tried, unsuccessfully to the state’s constitution to allow tax credit vouchers or scholarships for low-income children.

Successes and failures have never stopped DeVos. She is committed to providing great education to everyone.


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Todd Lubar’s Real Estate Dreams

Todd Lubar, an intelligent and talented businessman in the Potomac area has dreams of home ownership for everyone. This is more than dreams. As president of TDL Global Ventures LLC., Lubar streamlines processes to expedite task completion.

Mortgage business insurance and finance played a part of his

early career. Since 1995, Mr. Lubar has been involved with mortgage companies and finances. Todd Lubar has developed business relationships with builders, CPAs, bankers and mortgage companies which provide him with an excellent source of high quality connections. He created avenues of access for people who might otherwise be overlooked in the real estate market.

By streamlining his business and his teams, Todd has been able to grow his company, TDL Global Ventures,LLC, a residential development company. He has served many individuals and companies with the processes of purchasing, rehabilitating, selling and profiting from their efforts. More than 200 transactions have been not only single family homes but also multi-family properties with twenty units.

An entrepreneur since his childhood, selling lemonade on the corner, Todd’s various ventures, from real estate to scrap metal, or hot chocolate have been successful. He mentioned that when faced with a stressful day, he chooses to colorful and casual attire. Check out their website

Lubar’s ability to achieve quality products in a timely manner has built a superb reputation in the business world. Building on teamwork and an open-door management policy have helped him motivate his teams.

His skills and personal style have drawn other businesses to seek his assistance and guidance. Through all of these varied relationships, his line of credit with bankers is as much as twenty million dollars. Check out baltimorepostexaminer

After observing the market for more than 12 years, Todd noticed a particular niche of underserved clients. Forming an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC, he created a commercial lending venue, Legendary Financial LLC to serve these businesses and individuals. He analyzes loan scenario risks adeptly and makes decisions based upon market conditions.

Todd Lubar enjoys spending time with his two children and participating in their various athletic pursuits. They live in Bethesda, Maryland. You can follow their Instagram page.

Mike Baur Works Hard To Build His Switzerland Startups

Mike Baur spent nearly 20 years within the Swiss Private Banking sector. He eventually made his way up to the commercial apprentice with UBS as an executive board member within the Swiss Banking forum. At the age of 39, in the year 2014, Mike had started out on his entrepreneurial journey. It was then that he started to found his company.


The business that Mike created, Think Reloaded, it is an advisory boutique for those of wealthy families and wealthy individuals. Because Mike has always been involved within the banking committee, it made sense that he would create a startup in Switzerland.


Mike was then featured in the Wall Street Journal where he was spoken about early on in his career. He spends a lot of time within the Swiss entrepreneurship programs and supports a variety of Swiss digital startup’s. He is not only a board member but is also an investor. Mike joined a number of friends to form a partnership where they are now the #1 privately financed startup accelerators in Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich, Switzerland.


He holds a MBA which he earned at University of Rochester in New York. He also has his executive MBA which he obtained at the University of Berne.


Mike used the idea of the Swiss Startup Factory and purely privately financed accelerator program from his own experience within the early stage startup sector. After having been involved in the startups, Mike asked himself why should he not come up with an idea to offer a boot camp for teams to help them raise the level of startup stages behind the new businesses. They offer more than just coaching for their startups.


In order for Mike to feel like he has succeeded throughout the day, Mike Baur’s schedule often changes. There are a number of day’s where his schedule changes from hour by hour and because this is the case, Mike uses the business model canvas approach method. He wants to help others to learn what things are absolutely to die for while other customers might find a new idea because the idea they have been pitched is not worth all the effort that goes into creating a number of startups.


When it comes to the one thing within the business world that Mike get’s most excited for, it’s the idea that you can use virtual reality and augmented reality to showcase your business.