A Safer World with Securus Technologies

For Robert Johnson, the thought of inmates having cell phones sends a shiver up his spine, and for a good reason. He has been in corrections for many years, and his overall job was to prevent contraband from getting into the hands of inmates. His great job was what eventually led him to the incident in his home. The interception of a package caused several inmates and friends of the inmates to grow angry, and it led to Johnson being shot in his home. Luckily, he survived, but since the incident, Johnson has been working closely with a company called Securus Technologies to help prevent contraband cell phones from being used by inmates. Since the incident happened because of a contraband cell phone being used to call others outside of the prison, Johnson suffered greatly. Now that he is working with Securus Technologies, they are working to ensure that cell phone detection happens in the major jails and prisons to prevent this from happening to anyone else.


Securus Technologies is a leader in civil and criminal justice technology and solutions to help ensure public safety. Through their technologies, they can securely monitor and detect cell phones being used in the commercial mobile network. It prevents any illegal access to the network, and they can collect any information on the identity of the cellphones in use. These technologies are being used worldwide to help prevent crimes like the one that happened to Robert Johnson. Securus Technologies has brought forth many technologies that have made it possible to prevent cell phones from being used inside jails to commit crimes, and many states are employing the technologies right away. These wireless containment solutions are stopping these illegal uses to help increase safety for millions out there.


The only numbers that these cell phones within the network are only the numbers on the authorized call list and 911 calls. This means that calls made to unauthorized numbers are made and then suddenly dropped since they are not able to connect. Securus, along with men who are passionate about their job like Robert Johnson, are working to create a safer world for everyone out there both inmates and outsiders alike.


Securus Technologies’ main headquarters are located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, and they are now working to serve as many as 3,450 law enforcement, corrections agencies, and public safety offices throughout North America. They are even helping many inmates by being committed to serving and connecting inmates with monitoring their devices, products, and services to help increase the safety of the world around them. Securus Technologies is dedicated to protecting the men and women, like Robert Johnson, who knows just how dangerous it can be to work in these types of facilities.



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