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In the good ol’ days, people used to battle it out; and whoever won took over. People would openly cheat, rape, rob and murder others from foreign groups. Certain demographics of people in society would be discriminated against without anyone to go to for help.

Fortunately, in our modern world, we have civil rights organizations to give people stronger voices. In some cases, these civil rights organizations save lives.


The ACLU did not just pop up yesterday. In fact, it has been around since the year 1920. Its founders decided to establish it after witnessing people have their constitutional rights impeded upon in dirty ways. The ACLU has grown to be a nationwide organization with local chapters.

They generally take a very liberal viewpoint, leaning more toward favoring the Democratic agenda and values espoused by the Democratic party. From looking at their website, one would see that they are pro-LGBTQ, anti-Trump, pro-DREAMER and pro-DACA. They even condemn the existence of confederate statues as being “racist” and “white-supremacist.”

However, in their words, they describe themselves as an organization that will stand up for anyone—even organizations that they classify as “hate groups—as long as constitutional rights are being inexcusably disregarded. Even though they are so much against Confederate statues, they helped the organizers of the Charlottesville rally attain permits for the event. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

Even though they heavily condemn the existence of Confederate statues and the plights of people who the mainstream media refers to as “white supremacists,” to some extent they still recognized the legitimate rights of the people who organized the rally. Other organizations, as well as the media, are not acknowledging the rights of the people who marched at Charlotteseville.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

A Mexican man wanders through the desert, about to die of thirst. All of a sudden, he find a jug of water that someone left out. He drinks from the jug and his life is saved.

Organizations that provide services like this are funded by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund—a lifesaving organization founded by two men with big hearts, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Many people in America are biased against undocumented immigrants and immigration, stating the legitimate arguments about the downsides. However, people’s lives are being saved in the desert, thanks to the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and


The Anti-Defamation league openly advocates for Jewish ad Zionist interests, as well as other issues relating to identity and discrimination. There is a section of their website that conveniently shows all types of hate symbols. Mostly, these “hate symbols” have to do with white pride and “white supremacy.”

This list of pro-white “hate symbols” feature certain numbers, shapes, hand shapes and pictures of tatted up men. Sometimes what is considered a “hate symbol” varies per person.

Some people believe that there are more hate symbols out there, other than White people stuff, and that some non-white organizations are hateful and have symbols that signify their hate. Whether or not you have this view, everyone can agree that this website is quite informative.

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