Securus Technologies Makes Official Technology Challenge

The technology industry is one of the biggest and most popular industries in the business world. There are a variety of reasons why the technology industry has risen to such heights of popularity. One of the main reasons is that the technology industry has provided numerous technology innovations over the past few decades that have changed the way the way millions of people go about their daily lives.


Within the technology industry, there are many technology companies that compete for the same customers. This creates a high level of competition between these companies. While there are various markets inside the technology industry, some companies tend to compete for market share and customers over a range of markets because of the particular types of technology that the companies produce or sale.


Two companies that compete in a technology market and share stiff competition on a daily basis are Securus Technologies and GTL. Recently, Securus Technologies made a challenge to GTL to have a technology bakeoff. Basically Securus Technologies challenged GTL to compete based on the services and products that the companies offer using an independent judge to determine the company that performs better concerning the technology challenge.


Securus Technologies feels that its technology services and products are better than the technology products and services offered by GTL. Securus Technologies points out various facts that it provides to demonstrate how and why the products and services offered by Securus Technologies are better than what GTL has to offer to the public. To date, the challenge set by Securus Technologies has not been accepted by GTL.


Securus Technologies is a leading technology company that provides its products and services to public safety, correction agencies, law enforcement, and inmates. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies include emergency response, incident management, public information, and investigation related products and services.